Monday, August 12, 2013

The Caezars 'When I'm Not a Foolish Kid'

Danny from the Caezars asked me if I would share their latest video with you guys. If you don't know, the Caezars are a rock n roll band based out of the UK. They played Viva Las Vegas 14 a few years back and generated a lot of buzz about them during that weekend because of their unique sound and energy on stage. They even appeared on TV with Tom Ingram as he plugged Viva on the news (watch it here). They aren't rockabilly, exactly. More like early Stones and Beatles mixed with Rockabilly, and some modern Hives thrown in. They definitely have that early 60s English garage band sound. Heavily influenced by American Rockabilly, but just as influenced by all the English bands that came afterwards. They used to be on Wild records but have moved on to Ambassador Records, which is releasing their newest album, 'Welcome to the Mainstream", which may be an appropriate title. I hadn't heard anything from these guys in a while and was wondering what they were up to. They added a fifth member and ditched the upright base and look more Mod than before. Glad to see they are still plugging away. Maybe they will make it out here for a US tour one of these days too.

Check em out:

This video makes me seriously crave pastries.

What do you guys think???

Find them at:

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