Monday, July 15, 2013

Recent Purchases--VLV 16, Ebay and Vintage Shops

I haven't shared my purchases with you guys in ages! I am doing this in 2 posts because it is just too much to put in one. It spans about 4 months and I don't remember what I paid for some of these things. I will do my best to guess though.

Lets start with what I bought at Viva. Honestly, I did not buy much. Nothing was really screaming my name this year, sadly. I did get a couple good items but nothing really amazing.

49er jacket.
You all know how much I love these jackets!! I couldn't resist this one in red and gray. It was on sale too at Donnaland. I believe I paid around $20 for it. She had others on sale too, but this is the only one that fit.

40s/50s wedges.
I got these from Donnaland too. She has the best prices! I have a hard time finding vintage black wedges that fit and aren't stiff leather. I did have to add slip guards on the soles though, because they were quite slick. These were cheap, maybe $15??

I bought 2 bottles of Hawleywoods Grooming Spray. I love this stuff, as you know, and figured I'd stock up. It wasn't til afterwards that I was reminded that Ben, Roy Rapid's guitar player, is a barber at Hawleywoods and could get me a discount. Oh well. At $10 each I don't mind paying full price. Plus, one bottle lasts forever!!

This next couple of purchases came from vintage stores in San Diego. There are not a lot of vintage stores here. A new one opened up a while back but it is, IMO, way overpriced so I never go there.

Vintage sweater set. 
It looks white here but it is pink. It is rare to find these sets together and this one was so cute! 

It has rhinestones and cute little plastic bows that are all still intact. I do not remember the name of the shop I found it at but it was in South Park.

50s capris.
$10 from Frock You Vintage.
Capris and cigarette pants are on my hot list right now. I have a hard time finding ones that fit and aren't a lot of $$. I got these on sale because the zipper has come apart. I need to take them to a tailor to fix but for the price I think it is worth it.

I wish Neiman-Marcus still sold stuff like this!!

This next set was bought from Ebay. This was hands down the worst Ebay experience I have had as a buyer! It was a lot of back and forth with the seller and a long wait to get them in the mail. At least I didn't pay too much for them.

Vintage multi colored wedges.

Vintage raffia wedges.

At least the trouble was worth it. Both pairs are in good shape and I think I paid less than $20 for both. The multi colored ones do need to have the interior leather replaced on the straps though. Hopefully that can be done at a shoe repair place. If not, those ones are toast!

Stay tuned for my next set of recent purchases from Kobey's swap meet and my favorite thrift store :-)


  1. I just love vintage!

  2. Those multi colored wedges are the cutest! Glad they were worth the eBay troubles. Now if only I could manage to get a foot reduction I could actually find vintage shoes that fit! ;-)

  3. OMG I love the cute sweater set!!!

  4. such a huge collection of awesome finds ... all the wedges you found are so beautiful. love them.


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