Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recent Purchases-Kobeys Swap Meet and Thrift Store Finds

This is part 2 in my 'Recent Purchases' posts.

Kobeys Swap Meet:

On Sunday there was a vintage flea market here in San Diego. I did not go. This is the 3rd one they have had and I have not gone once. I want to go, but it always falls at the wrong time for me. I am either out of town or just completely broke! This time it was the latter. I had about $40 to spend and there was no way I was going to get anything for that there! I could, however, possibly find some treasures at the swap meet. And I did.

Vintage bread box with confetti print.
I can not tell you how long I have been looking for a bread box!! At least 10 years. I really liked this one and the price was right. I have never seen one like it either. The brand is Nesco.

Gold vanity shelf.
This is another item I have been searching for. They are always quite pricey on Etsy (especially when you figure in shipping). This one works great as storage for my Bakelite, which I have recently decided needs more green bangles. I have added that to my hot list as well.

Vintage wedges.
These are gorgeous and they fit!!

Marciano snake skin wedges.
Not vintage, but don't they look from the 40s?? They are a size 8 so I will sell them. If anyone is interested just let me know. They really are quite beautiful!

I got both shoes from the same vendor and she threw in a vintage shirt I had picked out for Fernando. Its a Towncraft button up shirt in a blueish/gray color. Perfect for him!

Curcao tourist scarf.
I love tourist scarves!! I need more. Add that to my hot list too.

Vintage scarf.
I love the print on this one.

I think I had such good luck at Kobey's because all the usual swap meeters went to the Vintage flea market. Hopefully next time I will be able to go.

Next are some items I found at various thrift stores.

40s crepe rayon dress.
I got this beauty at the Salvation Army in Point Loma.

Layered peplum skirt.

Beaded collar.
The dress is in perfect condition! The only issue is that the zipper is missing a few, what do you call them, rungs?? Not sure. Even though it is missing some parts it still zips perfectly. This is another item I will be selling. If anyone is interested let me know. I can take better pictures and get sizing. Its a small size.

This last item came from my very favorite thrift store that I have written about here and here. I love this store so much. I have never found so many treasures in one place on so many trips for so little money. They must have a treasure trove of Bakelite or something because here is what I found:

Carved Bakelite bangle.

On this particular day I went straight to the jewelry display and found this lovely bangle sitting on top of the counter. I was quite distracted so I didn't immediately realize that it was bakelite. I actually assumed it was just plastic so I just gave it a cursory once over. I had the sales person hold it for me while I looked around. When I went to check out she handed me the bangle and it was while I was holding it that I realized what it was. It was marked $7.99, but everything was 75% off so I wound up paying $2.00 for it.

Its a really beautiful piece and I have no idea how I didn't immediately recognize it as bakelite. When I got to my car I looked it over and thats when I got really excited. No scratches, no seams, nice weight, definite smell when rubbed. I couldn't believe my luck. Again! This thrift store has turned into a gold mine of treasures for me. I need to make sure to shop there more often.


  1. Love that bread box -- what a find!

  2. *groans at the unfairness of never finding $2 Bakelite*

  3. What a deal you got on all your finds!

    They're called zipper "teeth" by the way.

    1. Thanks! I thought thats what they were calledbut I wasn't sure.

  4. You found some great items!!!


  5. ARG! I never find Bakelite for under a million dollars too much, you lucky duck. What great finds, I am now itching to go hit the thrift store!

  6. GIRL!!! That Bakelite is tha BIZNESS for 2 dollars!!! Good for you, now you can give this one a home with all of your other Bakelite babies lol!! LOVE IT!

  7. OMG! So jealous! I could never find anything like what you have here in NYC!! LOVE that bread box!

  8. I recently visited San Francisco last month with the hopes of scoring some cheap thrifty finds...unfortunately found NOTHING!
    Love reading your blog & seeing what goodies you come home with & that bakelite bracelet is amazing! Super lucky :)

  9. I am sooooo jealous!! Great finds!!!

  10. Amazing finds! I am so jealous ;) I love how you store your bangles and the array of colours are fab

  11. I really love that bread box. It's such a nice peachy colour.
    Bakelite bangles are much more difficult to come by here in the U.K (usually VERY expensive)but I managed to pick up a pair of orange/pink octagon bakelite bangles at a church hall sale for £15! A friend of mine suggested sanding them down (they were probably bright pink originally), but I don't like the idea of taking sandpaper to them!

    1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Please don't sand them down!!! I know some people do it now but I 100% against it. I'll take my bakelite discolored in all their patina'd glory!!

    2. I was worried this would damage them, and being quite happy with the orange colour I will follow my instincts and your advice and leave them alone!
      I think part of the charm of some vintage and antique objects is that they have already had a 'life'. If the bangles were sanded down to a flat uniform pink, maybe they would lose some of that charm.


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