Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello Stranger and a VLV 16 Recap (Finally!!)

Well, it has been a while hasn't it?? I'm sure to all of you it seems like I got left behind at Viva. I promise I didn't. Basically, life has gotten in the way and I had no time or energy to blog. I am finally feeling settled, however, and think I will ease me way back into it.

So lets start with Viva. Personally, this was the worst time I have ever had at Viva. And I've gone like 11 times. Parts were ok, and a lot of fun, but overall I was unimpressed and uninspired. I hate to say this, but I feel that Viva has gotten too big. I feel like it has lost sight of what it was all about. It is sooooo commercialized now! Its all about contests and car shows and pin up girls and prizes and sponsors. Yuck!! Maybe its because I have been going since it was a fairly small event at the Gold Coast that I am just put off by the size of it now. Ever since it moved to the Orleans it hasn't had that same feeling. I wish they would bring the Rave back and do it at the Gold Coast. Just have an event for music and dancing. No car show, no burlesque, no anything else. I would be a happy girl.

Well, lets get on with my long overdue recap.


Fernando and I drove to Vegas with no problems on Thursday. Roy Rapid was playing that night in Brendan's Pub, along with our friends The Rattle Rockin Boys. During the drive we bacame aware that there was a missprint in the schedule. It said that RR was playing in the wrong room. I put the word out with everyone on Facebook to let them know. Dollie Deville helped too, posting it on her page (thanks Dollie!). For the record, I feel that they should be playing the main stage already and I was disappointed that they weren't. I knew they would kill it though.

Our roommate lil e. He wasn't feeling Viva either. This was his entire weekend.

Fernando requested that I wear this dress. 
Hoaloha sarong dress.

With Fernando. I love this dress because it makes me look tiny!!

Alyx and Kat

The band had a bit of drama for the evening. Ben, the guitarist, had to take his state boards to become a barber that day in LA and was running late. They had Jacob from The Rattle Rockin Boys fill in until he arrived though. He did a great job! Ben arrived in true rock and roll fashion though to finish out the set. During one of the songs his guitar strap came loose and Jacob jumped on stage to fix it. Then, on the second to last song the bass fell apart and Josh, RR's original bassist, jumped on stage to help David fix it. Even with all of these problems the guys killed it. They had a ton of energy and the crowd loved them. I think it was the most rock and roll set I've seen in ages. From any band.

Jacob fixing Ben's strap.

All members of RR past and present. And Russell.

Thursday was by far the best night. Fernando and I danced a lot and I wore a really amazing outfit to the record hop that I have no pictures of. Black velvet cigarette pants with matching halter top. Guess I'll just have to wear it again!!

This was my absolute favorite outfit of the entire weekend. I got so many compliments on it. I just loved how it came together. Its like all the pieces were made to go together, even though none of them were.
Repro Hawaiian tie top. Its part of a set with pants.
Vintage Hawaiian halter top.
Vintage Hawaiian cuffed shorts.

Bakelite. Orange kissing fish, yellow resin and blue moon.

With Melanie from Incendiary Blonde.

With Mar from Conventional Heretic.

I cruised through the vendors for a bit. I only bought pomade and setting spray though. They were too crowded!!

Late night outfit.
Thrifted Elsie Krassas sarong dress. I definitely need to have it taken in. It just fits a bit big.

Bakelite. Root beer, prystal and black.

Room party.

Friday turned into a real shit show. I have no idea why people would wait until they go all the way to Viva Las Vegas to start drama when they could do it at home. It was stupid immature bullshit. The whole thing was super annoying and I let it effect me. I am not used to girls acting that way. My girlfriends are awesome girls that just want to have a good time. They are not interested in getting in fights, or talking smack about people or acting like mean girls. They are there to have fun and dance and drink. Thats it.

Anyways, Friday wasn't all bad. I danced some and wore an outfit that I really liked. Black and gold cigarette pants and yellow bustier top. Not a great option to dance in however. I felt like every time I raised my arms my boobs were gonna pop out! I don't need anymore pictures of that (thanks Patrick!).


I have no pictures from Saturday because I did not leave the room. Me, Fernando and e stayed in and ordered pizza and Fuddruckers. This was the first time I have ever stayed in for an entire day during Viva. We were all just so sick of the drama that was literally following us around that we even debated going home early.


I actually made it to the pool party. Applause!

This outfit takes a close second. Vintage Shaheen 2 piece set and Miss L Fire wedges. I had a girl offer to trade me her Shaheen for it but I had to decline. I have never seen this one before and I got it for a steal. Plus, she was wearing one that my friend Tina owns. If she ever comes back to Viva maybe we can swap for night.

The bakelite. 2 of the pieces came from that lot I won on My new obsession is root bear. I only have a few pieces and I want more!!!

Gotta love a Shaheen playsuit!!

With a bunch of Denver broads including Emma to my right (she JUST had her second baby) and Haute Rockabilly Fashionista. 

I have to say that I really liked my hair this weekend. I have mastered the art of teasing and have big hair because of it. Yay me. 

With E. He finally made it out to the jive contest.
I wore my Waltah Clarke sarong dress.

San Diego and LA broads. We were there to see Roy Kay who was amazing!

The jive contest really pissed me off. I'm sorry, but they need to specify that you must be dancing jive in order to place. Not lindy hop, not boogie woogie. Just jive. Lets keep some things traditional at Viva if we can. In the end the right couple won. Katie and Seiji were awesome and deserved the win. 

And finally, video of me and my Jive partner dancing. Maybe one day he'll give me the footage from our win in 2001. Sooooo many years ago!!

All in all it was a disappointing weekend. I know the hotel is already sold out and honestly I don't care. Unless Fernando's band plays next year I don't know if I will be going. If we do, maybe we'll stay elsewhere so we get a break from all the festivities. I do think the drama that happened is largely to blame, especially since it spilled over onto Facebook once Viva was over. So childish. I just won't let negativity invade my life. Just because you're unhappy doesn't mean I have to be.


  1. Thirft Store GuachaJuly 5, 2013 at 5:24 PM

    Let me be the first to say Welcome Back and Yay to see a post!! Yours is the first blog I ever read 3 plus years ago and its nice to see ya back. You have been missed!

    I'm a Vegas gal myself and was looking forward to maybe saying Hi at Viva this year. But neither of the two times I saw you seemed like a good opportunity.

    1st time was during RR's show Thursday and you, your red dress and your hair looked AMAZING! The guys were soo energetic, I totally wondered why they weren't upstairs instead of some of the other acts we saw!

    The other was Friday in the hallway, and you did indeed look like something was bugging ya, so I hung back. Even told Dollie I wanted to say Hi to ya and she said what a sweetie you were and to do so! Now I see something so crazy was up. So sad that senseless, shallow stuff can affect the "vibe" for so many peeps around. But that Karma always does come back x 10. You're a smart gal to avoid that negative B.S. loop!

    I am glad to at least have seen your hair and beauty in person! Brings these blog pix to life :)

    Love your sass and the way you speak your mind,

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I know I had a mean face for most of the time that weekend. I just couldn't shake all the negativity. Couldn't shake it for a few weeks actually. There were moments of fun, but every time I turned around it seemed that a dark cloud was following me around. Literally. Life is much better now though!

  2. Glad to see you back.My blog has slacked.been busy working and end up to tired to your look amazing and your hair looked great to.Sorry you had a bad viva.I missed it this year,but I noticed the one before wasn't much fun.I also had to deal with drama.The drunk thats to drunk to be around was with our party and ended up trying to hide when we would see them.always seemed like they were arguing with everyone.I don't understand why events that are intended to be fun cuz we love the music and style end up being ruined by un meaningful shit.I wish they would do the rave again as well.that was my first vegas event and I really had fun.

    1. I miss the Rave. It was so much fun. Just music and dancing. It sucks to say but I think I am overwhelmed by Viva now. So sad.

  3. I had wondered why I didn't see you around a little more but given the above it is understandable. I had even asked Emma at some point if she had seen you because I was looking forward to finally meeting you. Maybe another time when the situation is better.

    I hope you'll be at VLV 17. I do stay outside The Orleans it is a bit less convenient but you do get to step away and have peace and quiet. Plus with the Denver group you never need to leave (as you can drop a days worth of shit in their room) until you are ready.

    As a much better side note, when I did see you, you looked absolutely stunning!

    Welcome back!
    HRF / Wendi

    1. I barely even saw Emma! I really was hiding for a good chunk of the time. I was glad to finally meet you at the pool though!! If we do go next year I think we will stay somewhere else. Maybe get out and do other things. I usually do have fun, and it was sad that this year was such a bust.

  4. Glad to see a post from you. I almost went to Vegas this year but my husband had the wisdom to buy us a trip to Maui instead. That is what I recommend go to Maui. I haven't been to viva since it was at the gold coast so I don't have a comparison. I will say that even then I liked staying at the Rio instead of at the Gold Coast cause it was too load and I never was able to sleep at all there. But I had one year with a boyfriend whose friends were drama queens and blamed me for their drunken father being kicked out the hotel because I was trying to sleep in the room and didn't hear him in the room. Anyway I don't associate with those people anymore. I did have some more fun Viva's after that year so perhaps don't just give up.

    1. I miss the Gold Coast! It has never been the same since it moved. I think you would be shocked to go to Viva now. It has gotten so big. I will probably go again. Who am I kidding??? I am a rockabilly girl through and through!!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! RR was awesome in the pub, but I agree, they need to be on the main stage. Take note Tom, main stage!! I have been having less and less fun every year. I really do miss the GC days. What will it take to get the Rave USA back, and have it there? Sorry about the drama, some girls be trippin'. lol

    Hope you are digging the new house, can't wait to see pics here!

    1. I agree!! Whoever is managing that band needs to get their ass in gear!! ;-)

  6. Ewwwww, all that drama would have pissed me off and really affected me also. That's one of the things I've always loved about you is that you just want to have fun with friends, no bs about it! I'm sorry all that happened. :(
    I've heard from Seth the same thing about how Viva just isn't the same since being moved from the Gold Coast. It really sucks that it's gotten SO big and commercialized.
    But I love your outfits and you're awesome bakelite! And I super love your Shaheen playsuit!!!!
    Love you, and have comfort in knowing that you do have friends that will bring positivity to your life - drama free!!! ;) xoxoxo

    1. T-Dawg!!! We never had drama!! It was always about having fun. Remember that time in Santa Fe when Seth told Mel to fuck off or something?? That was hilarious! Beyond that though we just always went to dance and have a good time.

      I really wish you guys would go to Viva again, but I dont know if youd like it. It really is not the same. I think if we had an OG reunion though we'd still manage to have a good time. Just saying...

      Love you!!!

  7. Welcome back! All of your outfits and bakelite are fabulous! I agree it has grown too big and wish the Rave would come back. Still had a great time but long for the old days. Hope the drama has ended for you. So many people refuse to grow up and seem to feed off drama. Utterly ridiculous!

    1. Thanks!! I think that some people are just incredibly unhappy with themselves and want everyone around them to feel bad too. Thats just my opinion though.

  8. Thank you for posting all of your Viva outfits, you look amazing in every single one of them (the Shaheen playsuit, oh my!) and you are my hair-spiration! I need
    to master the art of teasing...I am so sorry that you had drama following you this time, I really hope that next year will be better!

    Cat :)

    1. Thanks!! If I can get around to it I will try and do a tutorial on teasing and back combing. It really has changed my life!

  9. SOOOOOOO glad to see you back in the blog world!! I love how you always just tell it like it is and the world could sure use more of it so I'm thrilled you've got some new posts coming!

    Thanks for being honest about your experiences at Viva this year. I was planning to go for the first time next year but after reading your thoughts, as well as Dollie's, I am now definitely starting to reconsider for the same reasons you are now disliking Viva now - hate commercialization and definitely hate DRAMA.

    I just can NOT believe that you had all of these ridiculous experiences too add insult to injury! I can't believe that people would spend all this time and money to attend Viva only to act like that! What a waste!

    Well all in all, if its any consultation, you looked FABULOUS in all of your pictures, as always, and that Shaheen play suit is to die for so hang on to that beast!

    Can't wait for the next post!

    1. Ive been hearing that a lot lately from readers. That I tell it how it is. I'm glad that people feel that way because I have to hold back sometimes to not offend people. I try not to be mean, but still state my opinion. My purpose is never to hurt people or be a catty beeyotch. But I am not one to be fake either.

      I would still say to go to Viva. I think it will be different for someone who has never gone before. Its hard for me because I've seen how much it has changed and grown, and I miss the way it was. But it is still a cool event. Where are you going to get the chance to see all those bands and do all that dancing and wear all your fabulous clothes??? Even though I do not agree with all of the changes that Tom has made, I do still like Viva and respect it for what it has done. I just wish there would be a traditional rockabilly event to go to as well. Its a waste for me to go now, because I am not interested in the pin up/car/burlesque/contests that Viva is now. I just want music, dancing and clothes.

    2. See I completely agree with you! I just want music, dancing, and clothes too. I mean I live in LA so the last thing I want on my vacay is to feel like I'm still in LA with all the pin up/car/burlesque stuff that already goes on all the time here! I want to see a ton of bands and meet down to earth people from different places who aren't trying to be "seen" or "known" by acting all crazy at mobbed out events like this but just want to share their love of vintage everything.

      I definitely respect your opinion, being a marathoner of Viva, so I guess girls like us might just have to start looking for other more low key events to get our "fixes" at from now on....

    3. Apparently Tom is going to be doing a new weekender soon. I pray it will be like the Rave!!! Fingers crossed!!

  10. I am so glad to see you posting again. I frequent your blog and kept checking in to see if you'd put up anything new. Seeing this post makes me happy. I am sorry you didn't have a good time at Viva. This was my first year, and my first Rockabilly festival and I absolutely adored it. Although I could definitely see how your trip was ruined by such change and drama. I do hope you head back out for VLV 17.

    Hellcat Vintage

  11. Welcome back!! After seeing lots of other girls post on the weekend I too am glad I decided to just dip my toes in the water with just the car show this year. I still plan on doing the whole weekend next year. Already booked a room so might as well lol.

    Again welcome back and all your outfits were beautiful as usualy.

  12. It is really interesting post. I never read such kind of post. It impressed me. Thanks for sharing…

  13. Welcome back, we missed you!

  14. Glad to see you're blogging again, Holly! Too bad all the drama made your trip a bad one. :( I'm finally going to Viva again this year. It's been a while. Hopefully it will be fun! And hopefully those lame gals will grow up.

  15. So glad your blog is back. It's one of my favorites and I've missed it! Fab Viva outfits, and I'm drooling at your bakelite collection.....


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