Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey guys! I'm leaving for Vegas in just a few minutes. Im going to be taking lots of photos, so if you would like to follow me on Instagram please click on the link below.



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Monday, March 25, 2013

Viva Inspiration

I am exhausted. I really have no other way to describe how I feel other than that. The idea that Viva is in 2 days is completely insane to me! I have not packed. I am not done sewing. I do not feel ready at all. I am usually completely packed by now and I haven't even begun. The only promising thing is that I do have all of my outfits planned. At least I have that going for me.

I know I can't be the only one that is feeling overwhelmed at the moment, right? I want to be excited to be going to Viva but I just feel stressed and annoyed. Its not with any one thing in particular; just everything, I guess. I've been working so hard but I don't feel like I am getting ahead. If anything, I feel behind. And the fact that I am not having fun just plain sucks. I think I need to take a break and clear my head. I want to have a fabulous time at Viva because I really need it. I need a vacation in every sense of the word. I need to re-inspire myself.

So thats what I am going to do. From here on out I am going to get myself excited for Viva. I am going to stop thinking about everything that is stressing me out right now. I am going to stop worrying about money and my job(s). I am going to ignore those people in my life that bother me. I am not going to be depressed that I gained 4lbs. I am not going to worry about how tired/hungover I will be afterwards. I am not going to let negativity overtake me.

Instead, I am going to get inspired and think positively. I am going to listen to Motorbilly radio and R&B stations on Pandora. I am going to go back and read all my old Viva Las Vegas posts and watch videos on Youtube. Instead of stressing over an extra 4lbs I will just remember that at 35 I think I look pretty damned good! I have some awesome clothes that I can't wait to wear, even if some are repeats. And more than anything, I simply can not wait to see all my friends and to dance the night away!!!

For added inspiration I am posting a few of my favorite pictures from VLV's past. I will use these to remind myself of why I go every year.

Waiting for a taxi to the Venetian with TnT.

Lisa is such a bombshell!

My girls.

After Emma and Tyler won the jive contest.

And the year lil e and I won.

Back when they didn't care if you brought in a case of beer, but only if they weren't in the case (wtf!).


Me and Fernando.

A rare pic of lil e smiling.

Tara's husband Nathan did a cool bit of Photoshopping to this one.

Vodka shots and chips and salsa.

T-Dawg and Holly Bomba!!

He had no idea I did this until he woke up the next day.

One of my all time favorite pictures.

Looking at all these pictures has helped get me excited. That and the fact that its going to be in the 80s all weekend! Now it is going to be hard to focus on anything else!

This will be my last post until I return from Viva. I will have lots of pictures to share with you guys, I promise!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Outfit Post

Nothing much. I wore this to a BBQ at our house. I drank sangria all day and ate carne asada and managed to not spill any of it on my clothes. Its the little things!!

Mexican ruffle top.
50s polka dot capris.

I got a haircut too and I am just loving it!!!

 That is all for now!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Viva Update

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone??? I haven't meant to ignore my blog, I promise. I have just been busy, busy, busy!!

All of a sudden there are only 20 days until Viva!! I can't believe how fast this year flew by! I am almost completely ready for it though. I have my tickets, which is good because the event is now sold out.  I also found out just the other day that I have a room at The Orleans. My amazing friend Asia gave me her room since she can not go. I am sad I won't see her, but over the moon to get a room!! The hotel and all those surrounding have been sold out for almost a year! I was a bit worried. Also, my best friend Lil E will be staying with me and Fernando. Very excited about that, as E has been my partner in crime for many years!


I have also been fervently planning my Viva wardrobe and getting it ready. Lots of sewing, mending and cleaning. This is going to be the year of Hawaiian's and separates. I really don't have any new dresses to speak of, aside from a couple sarongs, so almost every dress I am taking will be Hawaiian. I haven't had the money lately to make any big personal purchases, and seeing how the cost of vintage is a bit insane right now, I have to just stick with what I have. And what I have are Hawaiians. Not a bad problem to have, I suppose?

A lot of repeats too. At least they are quality repeats.

Aside from the dresses I have a lot of separates. If you've followed my blog then you know that I have a ton of shorts and halter tops. I have some I have never worn and some repeats that I am putting together in new ways. Thats great and all, but they are day items. Shorts are not allowed on the dance floor!!!! Thats a rule I live by! To mix things up a bit with my separates I have added a few cigarette pants in the mix. They are perfect for late night record hops! I only have a few pairs so far, as this is a new obsession of mine. They are quite hard to find and never in my size!!! They have to fit snug or they just look awful on me. I did find an amazing pair of black velvet cigarette pants that I am in love with though. They were inexpensive and fit like a dream! Now if I could only find 10 more pairs exactly like them in other colors I will be set!!

I can never decide if  I am taking too much, or not enough?

Aside from that I have been working a lot and selling on Etsy and Ooh La La to save money for the trip. I won't have a ton of spending money but I am not too concerned about shopping the vendors this year. I want to relax, drink and dance! Fun is the only thing on my agenda. No drama! I will state that again in case someone didn't get it the first time: NO DRAMA!!!!

For those of you that are going to Viva--are you ready????
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