Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blog Award and Vintage Tag

Its been a while since I received a blog award! Jordan over at Jordan's Vintage Kitchen nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. So sweet of her! Make sure you head over to her blog and check it out. Its one of my new faves!

So here are the rules for the award:

Nominate some other bloggers
Let them know you have nominated them
Share 7 random facts about yourself
Thank the blogger who has nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

The bloggers I would like to nominate:
1-The DC Metro Retro (In an effort to get her blogging again!!)
2-Viva Victoria Vintage (Another blogger that needs to post more often).
3-The Kim Show (So glad she is blogging again after her hiatus!)
4-Miss Molly Doll (She is adorable!)
5-Snoodlebug Vintage (New to me. I adore her hair tutorials!)

Seven little known facts about me:
1-I will be turning 35 in about two weeks. I do not feel my age at all.
2-I LOVE coffee!! Can't go a day without it.
3-I don't know how to whistle or snap my fingers. I can fold my tongue into a loop though.
4-I currently work 3 jobs. My office job, cosmetics at Macy's, and my Etsy shop.
5-Even though I love vintage there are many items I do not like at all. Western, one piece jump suits, and saddle shoes are 3 things you will never see me wear. Ever!
6-The first vintage era I was obsessed with was the 20s. I used to have a bobbed 'do ala Louise Brooks. It was not flattering on me.
7-I do not like Wanda Jackson. I respect her, of course, but I do not like her voice. I much prefer Ruth Brown, Wynona Carr, and Lavern Baker.

Thank you so much Jordan for the award!! I will pass it along to all my nominated bloggers.

Also, there is a vintage tag going around that I thought I would partake in. Feel free to do the same!

1. Who are your style icons?
I don't really have one icon. Some of my favorite though are Rita Hayworth, Carole Landis, Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall, Diana Dors, and Jayne Mansfield.

2. What is your favorite way to get inspired?

I get inspired by pictures of old Hollywood starlets, candid photos of women from the 40s and 50s, and modern bloggers. Pinterest and Flickr offer up tons of material!

I would wear everything that these gorgeous ladies have on here.

3. What's your most-used hair tool? 
Aside from my hands I use foam rollers, Remington Tight Curls and Hot Sticks.

4. What's your favorite hair tool?
A vintage scarf. When I am in between washes or just don't feel like doing my hair I wrap it up in a pretty scarf and feel glamorous again. 

5. Updo, down, or half-and-half?
I do not look good in an updo. I just do not have the jaw line for it! I prefer it half and half, but when I'm "lazy" I just leave it down.

6. Is vintage something you do every day, on weekends, or for special occasions? 
I wear vintage every day. When I am at work I wear more casual 49er jackets and dungarees. When I go out I get all dolled up. 

Me in one of my favorite dresses. 

7. What's your favorite blush and lipstick?
Blush-anything peach colored. Lipstick-Makeup Forever and MAC reds are my favorite.

8. Dress, skirt, or pants? Heels or flats?
All of the above. I am working at having a truly diverse wardrobe, as I used to only buy dresses and skirts. I don't wear heels often unless they are springolators. I prefer wedges or flats. I am also really obsessed with ankle tie flat sandals as well.

9. Off-the-rack or homemade?
Off the rack. I can mend pieces but I can't make them from scratch. I have gotten pretty good at taking things in to fit my tiny body though! Nothing ever fits right! 

10. Do you swing dance?
Absolutely!! I've been dancing Jive and Lindy Hop for 12 years and Collegiate Shag for 4. I can not imagine being a part of this scene and not dancing. 

This is me jiving at Viva last year before the contest. I did not enter. I wish I had footage of the year that me and my friend e won. It was 2002. Sooooo long ago!!!

11. Extreme vintage or subtle touches?
Extreme, though I've gotten lazy with my hair. Its so thick right now that I have no patience to curl it. That will be remedied soon though. 

12. Favorite perfume?
Gucci 'Flora', Chanel 'Chance', Dior 'J'adore'. I like florals that are really feminine.

13. Favorite skincare product?
Dior Hydra Life is my favorite face moisturizer but I also can not live without Bio Oil and my Clarisonic.

14. What does your family think of your style?
By now they are so used to it that they probably don't think much of it. I've always been a little different. When I first started dressing this way my mom said that it was way better than the baggy clothes I wore in high school. At least I was dressing like a girl! 

Only part of my large family.

15. Favorite accessory?
Bakelite. I feel bad for all my other jewelry, gathering dust in my jewelry box.

Part of my collection.

16. Do you find the vintage community welcoming or snobby?
Yes and no. There are snobs everywhere in every scene. Some people will always be snobby no matter what. I really don't care though as I will do as I choose and I don't care what others think of me. 

17. What drew you to vintage style?
The rockabilly scene in my home town of Albuquerque. Most everyone wore vintage and I was really attracted to that. I became obsessive rather fast and it has just gotten worse as I've gotten older. 

My fabulous OG 'burque crew. And me when I had red hair.

18. Favorite places to shop vintage?
Ebay, Etsy, antique and thrift stores and flea markets.

19. What vintage eras are your favorite?
Obviously I like the 50s. I think that it looks the best on me. Specifically late 40s to mid 50s. I love the 40s though and have a soft spot for the 20s and 30s too.

20. Most glamorous film stars?
Rita Hayworth and Carmen Miranda. Gene Kelly and Humphrey Bogart.

21. Favorite vintage object that you own?
Wow. This is a tough one. I have so many things that I can never imagine parting with. I think though, that my favorite item is my 2 piece Shaheen set. It is a bathing suit with a matching sarong and I won it on Ebay for less than $100.

My plan is to wear this to the pool party at Viva this year. That way I can show off the amazing swim suit.


  1. Oh my god, you seriously look like you're in your early twenties. So jealous! What's your secret?! ;-)

    And your bakelite collection is drool worthy, ahh!

  2. Aren't you just the cutest thing?!

    Congrats on the award!!!!

  3. I love Lavern Baker! I never see her mentioned in blogs though so that was a nice surprise to see someone else that likes her :)

  4. Thanks for the award! I will do a blog this weekend <3

    I can't wait to see you next month! We will dance all night :-)

  5. I loved the random facts about you at the top!

    I started reading "By Myself"... Such a lovely book so far. Thanks again for the recommendation.


  6. You look so young! Great Tattoos by the way!

    A Day to Remember

  7. You have a beautiful family. Are those all your sisters or cousins?

    1. They're my sisters and nieces. I have another sister and a brother as well as two nephews and another niece not pictured.

  8. Thank you for the award Holly! We are still renovating like crazy at the moment so I haven't had much time to blog lately, but you've kicked my butt in to gear! Love that Shaheen'll look fab at Viva!
    x Molly


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