Monday, January 14, 2013

Vintage Twins-Hawaiian Dress

I always love it when I see vintage items for sale on Etsy or Ebay that are very similar to something I own. I stumbled upon this little beauty today:

I bought a very similar dress in San Francisco a few years ago. I bought it at a flea market and I haggled the guy down to $40.

Here is my version:
(It looks better on.)

Almost identical, except for the halter straps, gathered bust and the pocket. I gotta admit...I'm jealous of that pocket. Its super cute! And I wish mine were a halter as my one complaint with the dress is that the straps are a big on me. 

Even though the one for $165 is a bit nicer than my version, for $40 I'm not complaining!!


  1. Ooopss I dont know what happened to my comment. lol. Well what I was trying to say was that the dress looks almost identical, and I'm sure you can turn this beauty into a halter yourself. I had the same problem with one of my dresses, where the straps felt to thick and loose on me. I cut the straps from the back and added buttons on the ending edges of them, to be able to tie them around my neck and automatically turned it into a halter dress. I even gave it that gathered effect in the bust area by adding a ribbon and creating the gathers on my own. Needless to say, it completely changed the look of my dress and it is now one of my favorites. I dont know if I am explaining myself correctly, but trust me you can really change the look of your dress.

    1. Those are good ideas. I definitely will look into haltering it, as I think it will help it a lot. I have the straps pinned right now. I really like this dress and wear it often, but apparently I haven't taken any pictures of me in it. I will wear it soon and take photos for everyone.

  2. That is a pretty sweet deal you got on your dress! I also really love the $165 option though. Have you thought about altering the shoulders on yours to make it thinner for your frame?


    1. Yeah. I have pinned them but have been too lazy to actually sew them :-)


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