Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best (and Worst) of 2012

I don't think I've ever looked back on a year and thought 'man that was a great year!! I'm so sad to see it end.' I am usually so exhausted from the holiday season that I am ready for a new start. 2012 was no exception. I am tired and sick and so glad for a new beginning.

2012 was tough, but not all bad. There was a lot of drama (refer to 'the worst of' below) but there was also a lot of good. I achieved some goals, like getting a better job and buying my car, and failed at other goals, like visiting Denver and paying off debts. I did not have as much fun this year due mostly to being broke and working a lot. I feel like I just couldn't let go and have fun because I was stressed about money. This also effected my blog in that I didn't go out as much or shop so I felt like I didn't have a lot to post about.

All of that being said I thought I would take a moment to celebrate the good things of this past year, and also make not of a few of the bad.

1-Best Vintage Purchase/Most Worn:
Vintage blue chambray shorts

I bought these from my friend Deanna and I am so glad I did!! I wore them constantly during the summer. They go with just about anything.

2-Best Vintage Winter Item:
Blue 49er.

This is my favorite 49er. The fit is great and it keeps me warm.

3-Best Vintage Summer Item:
Mexican novelty skirt.

This vintage sombrero skirt was meant to be mine.

4-Best Vintage Extravagant Item:
Deadstock Hoaloha sarong dress.

I love sarong dresses and I was so excited to add another red one to my collection. This one was $99, which is quite a steal IMO. I will definitely be wearing this gem in Vegas.

5-Best Vintage Score:
Thrifted Bakelite bangles.

Three carved bakelite bangles found at a thrift store for only $8 is definitely a score. I especially love the yellow honeycomb one and I wear it often.

6-Best Non-Vintage Purchase:

Miss L Fire Wedges.
I adore Miss L Fire shoes and these are my favorite pair I own. The rick rack trim gets me every time!

7-Best Purchase Period:
2009 Chevy Cobalt

I love my car. Its red, small and fast. Basically its perfect.

8-Best Live Show:

Viva Las Vegas 15

This Viva was a lot of fun with a lot of great bands: JD McPherson, Si Cranstoun, Jack Baymore just to name a few. Even though I lost my camera and the Jive contest was awful (the booing, not the dancers), I got to hang out with besties Emma and Beth, the latter of which surprised me with her presence. It was a great time. My plan for next year is to make sure I make it to the pool party. The line to get in always bums me out.

9-Best Comic Moment:

This also goes down as my favorite blog post of 2012. I regret not taking pictures of my beloved compacts demise, but I was too horrified to think of grabbing my camera. Hopefully I described it vividly enough for you in the post. Oh, and I still have not used my compact since then.

10-Best Time at a Party:

This was Zack and Dollie's wedding reception and it was seriously a riot of a time. Nicole got trashed, which    is a real rarity for her, and we all got a little crazy. It was a ton of fun and more than anything I was happy to share in their special day. 

Now onto the worst of 2012.

1-Worst Purchase:

This did not fit at all. The boning was weird and bagged on me. I sold it on Ebay.

2-Worst Vintage Death:
Confetti lucite purse.

In a freak Tiki accident my beloved lucite purse met its demise when it, along with my mojito, got knocked to the floor. Actually, the mojito got spilled all over me and the only part broken on my purse was the handle.    So I guess its only injured. Pretty sure I can fix it with glue and I will post about it when I do.

3-Best Thing That Didn't Happen:
The end of the world.

Am I the only one that was slightly disappointed that the Mayans were wrong??? I mean, I didn't want the world to end, don't get me wrong. I just wanted the Mayans to be so awesome that they could rightly predict the end of the world.

4-Worst Moment of 2012:
Losing my lil love bug.

Hands down the passing of my feline soul mate, Calvin Wayne, was the worst moment of 2012. Cal was 16 years old and went into kidney failure and I had to put him to sleep right before my birthday. I held him in my arms when he passed. It was the hardest thing I ever did and I still can't think about it without crying.

5-Worst Person of 2012:
Fernando's ex wife.

 I haven't said much about her on here (even though she left some snarky comments on a post along with her name, thank you!) and I won't now. She is one of the few people on this planet that I can literally say nothing good about. So I just won't say anything at all.

So there you go. Those were best and worst of 2012 for me. What were some of yours??


  1. I've had to say good-bye to a beloved feline friend. My baby had an aggressive cancer and two years ago I had to make the hardest decision to put him to sleep. In my opinion, I don't know if there is a harder decision than to have to say good-bye in such a way. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find healing in 2013. Really I do!

    The Fictionista

    1. First pet I've had to do that with and of course it had to be my sweet little boy. He had been sickly his whole life since I found him as a kitten. Just never was healthy. But to live a long happy life with me says a lot about his spirit. I just wish I hadn't had to make that decision. At least his last moments were in my arms.

  2. RIP Calvin Wayne - one of the best cats I have ever known! A highlight was getting to go to San Diego and spend time with you. Worst of 2012 was laying in the hotel bed in San Diego realizing that the mattress was wet - I still haven't gotten over that!!!


    1. I forgot about that!! So nasty!!

      He really was the best cat ever. I miss him terribly. I found a video of him meowing and Chuca went nuts. She misses him too.


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