Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolutions For the New Year

I'm not normally a resolutions sort of girl. I tend to just go with the flow in most aspects of my life. I am trying to be a bit more goal orientated though, as I feel most successes come from working towards them. I made a few last year that I actually achieved (get a better job; buy a car) so I thought I would do the same this year. These are all small things, really, that added up will help improve my life.

Do my hair more.

I have gotten incredibly lazy with my hair lately. I really only curl it when I know I am going to a show. Otherwise, it is just left straight or tucked up under a scarf. My goal for this year is to be more consistent with setting it. I have not gotten off to a good start though, because I have been sick for the first part of this year and haven't done a thing with it!! Thats ok though. I can still work on it. It needs to be trimmed a bit, but my bangs need to grow out more. Once my bangs do get longer I can try some more styles with them too, as I keep falling back on two styles currently. I did try my first ever pincurl set (blog post soon) which I plan on doing more often.

I just realized that I feel better about myself when my hair is done, so why wouldn't I want to take that extra time each day for myself? Plus, I thinks its fun.

I want to try this style.

Dance more.

I have fallen into quite the lull as far as my dancing is concerned. I used to dance quite a bit in Denver, but since moving have fallen out of habit. I only dance at Fernando's shows; never going out to any of the swing nights here. This is mainly due to 2 reasons: money and time. I am pretty strapped financially and swing nights aren't cheap. Also, I work quite a bit so by the time I am off I am pooped. I need to make it a priority though. I love dancing and there are some great leads here. Also, its great exercise!

Get my mending pile fixed/shop my closet. 

This years Viva is going to be a tight one so I will have to dig into the depths of my closet for inspiration. I have a huge bag of things that need to be mended, either by me or professionally. There are plenty of things in there for me to wear to Viva. Also, I want to pull out items from my closet that I haven't worn in quite some time. I have shoes, dresses, halter tops, and shorts that I haven't worn once!! I also have many things I have worn very little, that would be perfect for Viva.

This goal isn't just for Viva, mind you. I tend to wear the same things over and over in my daily life. I want to be more creative and wear more of my wardrobe. Also, if I get all that stuff mended I will have a plethora of great everyday items!!

Go back to Denver

I left Denver in quite the rush and in my hurry I left behind about half of my belongings. My best friend Beth was kind enough to let me store them at her home. My plan was to return to Denver within the year to get them. That hasn't happened yet, mostly for financial reasons. I miss my stuff and desperately want them back so my goal is to go get them this summer. It will be a pain in the butt to do, but I have a ton of vintage goodies stored away that belong in my home; not in Beth's shed.

More than that though I really want to visit my Denver friends and the place I called home for 6 years. I miss it sometimes (never thought I would say that!) and I want to show Fernando some of my favorite haunts. I also want to eat, as my favorite Cuban and Thai restaurants are there, as well as the best cupcake place on earth!

Eat less salt/cut out soda

I never noticed how much salt I consume before Fernando (incessantly) pointed it out to me. I love flavor and tend to go overboard a bit. I also heard a program on NPR about Americans love of salt and how unhealthy it is. I decided that I would not add salt to any of my meals. I am not going to cut out salt completely, as it is still used in cooking, but I will just not add any afterwards. So far this has been difficult but I have been doing a good job. Hopefully I can get to where I don't even notice it anymore!

Both Fernando and I are also cutting out soda. We got in the habit of drinking it; so much so that we would just buy one even if we weren't craving it. He wants to lose some weight and cutting soda is a great way to do that. I just hate drinking it, as it is unnecessary calories. I have gained a bit weight on my hips (like always) and would like to shed a few pounds as well.

Bile beans. Yum!!

Blog More

I fell off the blogging wagon quite a bit last year. Due to a lot of the above I did not feel I had anything interesting to write about. Even when I had ideas I often got too lazy to actually write the post. Bad Holly!! My goal for this year is to be way more consistent. Even if I'm not going to shows or shopping I can still blog about lots of other things. I have requests for tutorials, which I am working on. I plan on doing some Viva posts and also a giveaway when I get to 600 followers. One thing I know I need to do is carry my camera with me more to document shows and events. I also need to remember to take outfit and hair photos, as I enjoy sharing those with you guys.

Your feedback is always welcome! If there are any posts you would like to see from me please leave me a comment. It might not happen right away (due to aforementioned laziness) but I will do my best to do them.
So please, comment away!! I would also like to know what your resolutions are for the new year as well!


  1. Holly I think your blog is awesome:) Love all your viva posts. Looking forward to your tutorials!!

    1. Thanks! I will have more Viva posts coming. The tutorials are gonna be hard, since I don't have a video camera. I would like to get one in the future though.

  2. Holly, I love all of your goals. Doing your hair more often is a a goal that I should also set for myself. I too have fallen into a lazy streak where I wear my hair straight or up in a top knot. I would love to see more post about how you do your hair, how you set your pin curls, and I know this one has nothing to do with hair, How you do your eyebrows!! I love you eyebrows, and would love to see a tutorial of how you make them look so beautiful on yourself. Hope you have a wonderful new year! I cant wait to see all of your clothes you plan to take to vegas!

    1. I have a post in the works for my eyebrows. I have gotten quite a few requests for that one, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

  3. These are great resolutions - and totally achievable! I am with you on the dancing more (and I have already gotten off to a good start on this resolution for 3013) even though it can be so hard to motivate during the week after a long day at work!

    1. I'm going dancing tonight and right now my hair is in pin curls. I'm at work too. Luckily they don't mind!!

  4. Very pleased to here we will be getting more posts, I love your blog! :)

  5. Great list! I am sure that you will attain all of your resolutions.


  6. Great goals, and very reasonable too! Good luck with them! I look forward to you blogging more. :)

    I've been pretty good about setting my hair because I HATE how my hair looks otherwise, but I've been really lazy about dressing on days I work from home (which is more often than not). I wear the same old Freddie's jeans and the same few things on the top. It's not like it would take much more effort to add a little more interest, and I always feel better when I look better. You said it well yourself: why wouldn't I want to take that bit of extra time for myself??

    1. I hear you on the Freddies! I need a new pair bad, I wear them so much.

  7. I have very similar goals to you. I don't think there is anywhere here to swing dance though

    I also want to start wearing the dresses I make instead of sewing them up.... And leaving them to hang endlessly in the closet.....

    I have a friend who goes to a lot of the swing nights in San Diego, I always wanted to go too, but I feel you on the money issue. I wish I had made myself go before moving to BFE.

    I am going to put my hair up in rollers tonight in your honor. We can all do it together!

  8. My goals this year are to learn how to sew skirts and possibly dresses. I've already have cut out a circle skirt and now I just need to sew it together. Find a good wet set for my hair (my hair is naturally frizzy so its tough experimenting). Be comfortable in my wardrobe. I also have the same habit of wearing the same things again and again. Also to Drop 10 pounds I already lost 5 so I'm getting there!

    I Can't wait to see more blog updates from you!


I love reading your wonderful comments and opinions!! Feel free to ask questions and I will happily answer them as fast as I can! Any negative comments will be deleted.

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