Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Memory Lane-Viva Las Vegas 11

Viva Las Vegas is exactly10 weeks away. It is crazy to think that it is literally just around the corner! I have so much to do!!! I will be doing a few Viva related posts leading up to it. This is the first one, and it is about a prior Viva. This is from Viva Las Vegas 11, which took place before my blog existed. With Viva 16 coming up I am getting pretty excited. I like to look back on these old events as a reminder at how much fun I had. I also like to see my old outfits and hairstyles, to decide what to do or not to do again.

The only Viva I have missed since I started going was #10. It was stupid not to go and I regretted it.
Viva #11 was still at the Gold Coast. In fact, it was the last year it was held there. Parts of the event were already being moved to the Orleans, like the pool party. I miss the Gold Coast. Even though it was smaller and more ghetto, the Viva's there have the fondest memories for me. This Viva was especially great because almost all of my friends that would go to Viva, did go to Viva. It was a great time. I will do my best at remembering all of the fun through photos. I am also going to pick apart my outfits and hair, mostly for myself.

Dinner at Firefly. It was Hawaiian themed for the OG's (Original Girls-Tina, Tara, Holly).
My blue Hawaiian dress cost me $25 on Ebay, back when one could still buy Hawaiians for that price. Its a no label dress but I love it.
My hair-I was still wearing my bangs down at this point, but was straying away from baby bangs.

Albuquerque is represented well here, along with a few Denver and Vegas people.

Downstairs in the Showroom, my favorite room.
More Hawaiians. I would like to also point out that both T's are wearing my jewelry :-)
I don't remember how much I paid for my navy sarong dress or where I got it. It is a Kamehameha.

Blurry photo of us strolling. I rarely ever stroll anymore, and only when I am super drunk.

E was in a foul mood all weekend so we tickled him to make him smile.

Shots and chips and salsa. Sometimes Tina has a good idea.

Booty dancing...

and booty grabbing...

...and more booty grabbing.

Tina, Tara, Beth, and me.

Seth got drunk too.

And he apparently found the chips and salsa.

We made our own pool party at the Gold Coast.
I have not worn this outfit since this Viva. I think I will dust it off for Viva 16. I do remember the skirt being quite tight, so hopefully it still fits!

This is one of my favorite photos. The graininess of it gives a real vintage look.

My black bathing suit I found at a thrift store. The crochet cover I got from Buffalo Exchange.
I like my hair better here. I always look better with it down.

Double fisting, Viva style-Beer and ice cream.

Dancing Lindy at Viva may get you dirty looks, but strolls are the best tempo for them!
This is one of my favorite vintage dresses. I got it on Ebay.

I just love this picture. Tina cracks me up.

Seth and Tara dancing jive.

Seth, Chris and Kris.
Chris is the first person I ever danced with. It must've looked funny because he is about a foot taller than me!

Dancing with e is always a pleasure.

Jiving with Seth.

At the car show with Beth.

Helping Tina out of her dress. Thats what friends are for!
Also, I am wearing the bulk of my bakelite here. I literally had like 4 bangles.

Photo shoot.

The OG's getting frisky.

Dancing with Dezi, in one of my favorite dresses. I got it from Boss vintage in Denver.

I didn't get the polka dot memo.
This is my Fred Perlberg dress that I love.

Besties on sunday. I do believe I gave Tara that purple Kamehameha. I found it at Buffalo Exchange for like $10 and it just did not flatter me! The waist was too long. With the going rate of Hawaiians these days maybe I should've kept it...

Ok, now I am really in the mood for Viva!! Are you???? Who all is going???


  1. Awwwww, memories!!!!

    So in that first pic, my pink dress is a Kamehameha and I got it in LA for like $20 at a thrift store in like 2003, and I'm pretty sure e was with me. What's funny is I actually considered not buying it and he talked me into it!! LOL... had I only known how much they'd go up in price.

    The green dress is probably my absolute favorite dress I own and it's Shaheen. I got it in like 2005 for only about $100.

    That blue pineapple dress I got at Aardvarks in LA, and I'm not sure if it's open anymore? I got it for a steal too for like $15. It was huge and I had it taken in, but I really like it. I also got that halter top from Aardvarks for like $5.

    That polka dot dress I got from Senorita Hollywood for about $50. It came to my ankles when I first got it, so I had it hemmed quite a bit, but it's another one of my favorites (but ugh, I hate my hair in that pic!).

    I'm so glad I went back to blonde, I just love being a blonde so much better. But the different hair colors do help me remember which Viva was which! I can't believe we went to 10 together!!!

    And yes, I think you DID give me that purple Kamehameha. It's one of my favorites too and NOOOOOOOO you should not have kept it!!!! lol

    I miss my besties like crazy and I hate that we're all so far from each other!! WAH!!!! I want to go back to Viva!!!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. This was a great viva. If I remember correctly this is when I got horrible blisters on the balls of my feet on Thursday. My feet were in so much pain but I still danced the whole time.

      We used to get great stuff so cheap!! I wish I would have loaded up on Shaheens like Tina did but I didn't have any money then :-(

      I really hope you guys go to viva again one day. It's not the same without you!!

  2. You gals all looked great but you all always look good ;) I wish I was going this year!

  3. Tara we'll just have to make a mini Viva here for people that can't go ;)

  4. Ah, the memories...Some part of me misses the Gold Coast as well. I am so in the mood for Viva. Been going through my wardrobe and fixing the vintage items that needed help so it has definitely been on the brain;-) Hooray! Only 10 more weeks!

  5. Great pics! It looks like a blast! Can't wait to go this year!

  6. You looked Fab in all those pics and I am super jealous of your dress collection! Have fun this year!

  7. I'm trying to talk my husband into making this "our" (mostly my) gift for our 2 year anniversary. I would have loved to gone last year but I completely missed it. It would be nice to meet more people.

  8. Oh man, it's only ten weeks? Time flies! I'm super excited for this year, but I just know I'm not going to be ready by the time it rolls around. I have to get on things and decide what I'm going to pack, etc...and do some more working out ;) Haha. Love the recap posts!

  9. You should do a post on your first Viva! lol... I'm sure I took pictures... It'd be funny to see the "then and now" of it. :)

    1. I did one! Bad photos though, before I had a scanner. And I don't know why I cut up all my pictures.

      We look so young!!

    2. Oh, duh! I even commented on that blog post! LOL... Wow, we do totally look young!

      I miss Steve, I wonder what happened to him?!

  10. Your beach outfit is just perfect, and your bangs with the red bow is basically my dream hair. My favourite pics have got to be the double fisting and dress removal though. So fun! And you have such excellent taste in clothing! You find such beautiful things and you wear them so well.

  11. My husband and I are heading to Viva for the first time this year, all the way from Australia. I am excited and nervous at the same time! Love reading your Viva posts and getting an idea of what to expect.

  12. My first viva I'm so nervous. I am so nervous about it that I decided to just do the car show this year. Also for my guy who is not into rockabilly but he likes pretty cars as well. We are still making the most out of Vegas. Hopefully we will do the full weekend next year.

    Love the viva posts! They make me look forward to it more and wish I was doing the full weekend.

    1. You shouldn't be nervous! The first one I went to, I had no idea what it was like. I only had like 2 dresses and brought most of my regular clothes. But I still had so much fun! Everyone is so nice, and nobody is there to judge anybody. Everyone just wants to have a good time. If you like to dance, that's one of the best parts. You don't have to be good - as you can see from the pictures above we did a lot of our own dancing!
      I took my husband to a couple Viva's (I should say dragged) and he is not into rockabilly at all and doesn't do the vintage clothes thing. But even he had a great time drinking and hanging out.
      Consider doing the full weekend, you won't regret it! :)

    2. I agree with Tara! Don't be nervous :-) I went last year for the first time, and did the same thing...just the car show. My husband also is not really into the rockabilly thing, but we had a great time. He had a good enough time that I easily convinced him to go for the whole weekend this year!!I didn't find anyone to be judge-y, either. Everyone's just having fun :-) As for your's cool cars (& this year motorcycles,too) pretty girls, beer, music...what's not to like??

    3. Thank you! Fingers crossed for next year.

    4. My husband isn't into rockabilly either, so it is a really big deal for him to agree to spend all the money coming in from Australia, and do the whole thing. I think I will owe him forever. We do have tickets to the Ice Hockey (at the Orleans Stadium) for Friday night, so that gives him a bit of respite!

  13. I will be there!!! But nothing ready for the moment.... I'm asking myself what kind of weather we will have so early in year! What to bring in my small suitcase for a 3 weeks american trip
    Funny but Viva 11 was also my first one!

  14. I am going and also very excited. Loved seeing your outfits and am superjealous of how cute you are!

    You've inspired me to post some of my hawaiian dress collection, some of which I will be parting with at Viva.

    Looking forward to future posts. :)

    1. Please do! The little bit I've seen is amazing!! And you are giving me even more of a reason to save my pennies for Viva!!

  15. Those pix are fun to see! Look at you with your bangs :-) they look really cute :-)
    I can't wait for Viva...I'm planning outfits and figuring out how to get my hubby to dance with me :-)

  16. I am so excited about viva!!! We did it get to go last year because we were getting married the same month. I remember 11 and 16is going to be a lot like that for me and my hubby. We r going solo without our close friends with us. We r taki this as a second honeymoon and are sooo excited!! Can't wait to start planning outfits too- YIKES!! Hope to run into u ;)

  17. those pics are great and you look gorgeous.I have a bad feeling I will be missing Viva this year.I don't think my taxes will be in my account in time.I think by then the 4 day pass will be sold out.:(

  18. Yay for Viva post. Zack and I have been reminiscing about the Gold Coast as well. Some things were just better then, but some things (the pool party!) are just better now. We are counting down the days, can't wait! Keep the viva posts coming!


    1. I plan on doing a few Viva posts. They are always fun! I do miss the Gold Coast. I miss the downstairs showroom the most. The dancing there was always the best! What I don't miss--the elevator!! If your room was on a top floor you'd be waiting forever to get there!! No fun. But you did meet lots of people that way.

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