Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

1-Hawleywood's Layrite Grooming Spray

I don't always have time or patience to set my hair properly. The only way I get a good curl is with a wet set that I sleep on. Sometimes though, I just don't feel like sleeping on uncomfortable rollers so I have been faux setting it with Hawleywood's Grooming Spray. I get pretty good results and the curls last! In fact, the first time I tried this it rained and I thought my curls were doomed. Nope. They lasted all night!

First, I wash my hair and use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then I blow dry with my head upside down, to give added volume. To set, I spritz small sections of hair with the Grooming Spray and roll with foam rollers. Then I spritz again. The bangs get pin curled. Then I hit with the blow dryer. I leave them in as long as I can, heating them with the blow dryer again and again.

Its not as curly as a wet set but it gets good volume and looser, 50s curls. An added bonus is that the Grooming Spray makes styling my front barrel roll super easy!

See???? Barrel roll awesome-ness!

2-Smith's Rosebud Salve

This is not a new obsession. It's my favorite everyday lip gloss that I've been using for years. It can also be used on your hands and skin. It doesn't have any scent or taste, so it is just perfect to use everyday.

3-Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Runaway'

I am OBSESSED with this song right now! I love this band and I love Karen O and this song is one of my favorites.


  1. I absolutely love Rosebud Salve! When I was visiting San Francisco I got a bit of a sunburn on my face and it healed the day after I put some salve on it. Its a miracle product haha.

  2. When I had longer hair, I used foam rollers, too. Never really got the hang of pin curls. :-/ Anyway, your hair looks awesome!

    The Fictionista

  3. Will have to give that grooming spray a try. I don't do a wet set with my pin curls and am always looking for a good styling lotion for my set. Thanks!

  4. I love your hair!!!! You always have great hair!!!!!! If I could give you an award for the best hair you bet I would.

    1. Thanks!!! I'll let my friend Monica know. She cuts my hair for me and does a great job every time :-)

  5. Your hair is so, so wonderfully pretty! Love the height and position of that barrel role, as well as the overall fall of your waves. Gorgeous as the day is long, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. you have such gorgeous shiney hair.those curls look beautiful.I do something similar with spray gel when i don't want my rollers to sleep in.

  7. i curl my hair up and down, i curl it right around, left around, with heat, without ... but everytime the curls vanish to thin air if they see the brush coming. i'm really a little jealous about your pretty hairdos.


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