Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tulle-Cyber Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Black Friday is so overrated. Its all about the Cyber sales! It seems like every online store offers up great deals and discounts that make it hard to not take advantage of. So far I have been good, but I just had to buy a couple things off of  TulleThey are having a mega sale on their site right now with awesome deals. Hurry over though if you are interested. They are selling out quick.

I could have easily bought a dozen things from them today. They have the cutest jackets and sweaters! I ended up buying 2 jackets, which I am in need of since I left most of my coats behind in Denver. What's nice is that they both have that vintage aesthetic I love!

Sales price- $17.00

It has the cutest bow on the back!

Originally- $118.00
Sale price-$29.50

I had this in my Pinterest board 'Stuff I Want' so I am pretty happy to be getting it for super cheap.

Next I will be taking advantage of a Sephora $20 off coupon I got in the mail. Very excited for that!
Have you guys gotten any great deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?


  1. Owwwh just been on the website and there's so much stuff I would get if they shipped to the UK! Darn it!

  2. Very lovely coats indeed! It can be tricky to vintage appropriate ones that don't coast a small fortune, and these definitely are of both the stylish and budget friendly variety.

    We got hit with a nasty unexpected car repair bill last week (nearly $1000), so I wasn't able to avail of any of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales this year. Oh well, there's always the end of next November to look forward to. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I always work on Black Friday so I never buy anything. Thats why Cyber monday is so dangerous for me!

  3. Amazing scores! Go you!!!! I'm not a Black Friday shopper but did score some great deals from Crate & Barrel for some Xmas gifts. Have you seen the new Crate and Barrel TV ad with Wanda Jackson singing. Woo-hoo!

    1. I havent seen it! Maybe I can find it on You Tube.

    2. It's very's just her singing in background but love it!


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