Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pin Curls

I wanted to share this video with you guys. Its from Ashley Marie on You Tube. She does a pin curl from start to finish. I, for one, suck at pin curls! I have more hair than a normal person so even when it is long it is insanely difficult to do all the pin curls. Even my hair stylist is amazed at how much hair I have. Anyways, I thought I would share because I think she does a really good job at showing how to do the set, and also how to brush it out and style it. She has other good vintage hair styling videos too so you should go and subscribe to her as well.


  1. Oh my god, her hair is SO beautiful!!!!

  2. sadly i'm not very patient with my hair ... and my hair isn't very patient with me. my hair will never look like that ... ;) but maybe one day i will try to be patient.


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