Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Non Vintage Thrifting Finds

This past weekend Fernando and I went thrifting. He bought records and I bought clothes. I didnt buy any vintage (sad) but the things I did buy will be good things to mix in with my vintage wardrobe or wear to work. I'll tell you guys a secret: I don't always wear vintage. I know, I know, thats crazy talk! But seriously, I love going to thrift stores and finding modern clothes with a vintage feel to them. Its nicer on my wallet too.

Love this purse :-)


Forever 21 dress. Woven brown belt and ankle tie sandals will make for a cute, summer look. Yes, it is still very much summer here in San Diego.

A beaded cardigan, good for winter. American Eagle.

My attempt at getting a close up picture of the bead work.

Striped crop top. 

Wool cardigan with rhinestone buttons.

Cute basic!

Stretchy, polka dot dress. This will be good for work.

Cute plaid top. This will be great with jeans.

This Bebe top is going to get a bit of a makeover. I want to switch out the buttons to give it more of a vintage  look. It will be good with skirts.

Another polka dot dress for work.

Shopping grand total--$25.


  1. Now that I have found such nice things at the thrift store, I look at clothes online or at the store and always think, I could buy that second hand.

  2. Great finds!!! I especially like that BeBe top. Love your idea to switch out the buttons! I totally agree with Trina44^^^ the more great stuff I find at thrift stores and estate sales, the more I find that I can't bring myself to pay full retail. I look at something cute in a store and I think "hmmm, I bet I can find something just as cute at Goodwill for 1/10 the price!"


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