Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I want to start a bit of a regular series, maybe weekly, showing you guys just a few of my favorite things. It will be things that I am currently using/wearing/loving and it will include just about anything from cosmetics to clothes to food to movies. Basically whatever I feel like sharing!

Lets get started!

Coty Airspun

Coty Airspun has been around since 1935. I remember my grandma using this loose powder that came in the cardboard container with the gold fans on it. What I remember most is the smell. I never tried it though because I was never a big fan of loose powder. As I've gotten older though I have tried to wear less makeup. Well, not really less, just not as heavy. As you age makeup can get cakey, gathering in the lines on the face. I don't feel that I have 'aging' skin just yet though. Actually, I feel pretty good about my skin and don't feel I need to cover it up as much! Yes, I have some crows feet that I wish would magically disappear, but besides that I like how my skin looks. I have been using lighter foundations and powders for a while now and decided to finally try this classic cosmetic.

I bought the color Honey Beige and have been using it for about a week now. I dust the powder all over my face after applying foundation, then set it with a spritz of MAC Studio Fix. So far I am really loving this powder! I love that it is light and gives me just enough coverage. Its perfect for work and weekends spent in the sun. 

Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer SPF 50

I purchased this from Big Lots for $4.50 in the color Fair to Light. I bought it for a few reasons: 
1-I like Physician's Formula.
 2-It has SPF 50.
 3-I tested it on my hand and really liked the consistency. 
I actually buy a lot of cosmetics from Big Lots because you just never know what they are going to have and its fun to try new things. I wore this foundation to the flea market on sunday and to work on Monday and today. Its a light foundation, yes, but it still has color and coverage to it. It doesn't separate throughout the day or gather in lines and I love that it has an SPF 50 to it. If you are looking for a light foundation with sun protection in it I highly recommend this one! Its not discontinued either, as so many products that I get at Big Lots are.

Funny Movies

I saw two movies recently that had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt:

1-For a Good Time Call...

This movie is about 2 girls living in New York that start their own phone sex company. Even though it has a raunchy story line, it is done in a really quirky, interesting way. I want this movie on DVD when it comes out!

2-Pitch Perfect

This movie is about a college glee club. Its like Glee but without any serious, tear jerking messages. Its just plain funny and Rebel Wilson is my new hero.

So there you go. Just a few (or four) of my current favorite things. How about you guys? Do you have any thing you are currently obsessing over??


  1. Great post! I'm excited for this series!

  2. I've always wanted to try that powder, I remember when I was in high school I used to have a coty lipstick.

  3. Great post Holly! Looking forward to seeing/reading more of these! :D

    I used Coty in High School, but haven't used it since then. I try to go for more organic least when it comes to cleansers/foundations/powders. My eyes and lips can deal with parabens and other chemicals. haha
    That tinted Moisturizer sounds great! Especially it being spf 50! But how pale is the shade? I have such a hard time finding light enough ones. :/
    I haven't seen either of those films, though the first one looks good. :) Have you seen Frankenweenie? That was super good! :D

    Well, since you asked: ;)
    - A soap from a company called Adovia. The soap is a "Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap." I am so in love with this soap! I've had oily skin for the longest and even though I'd prefer it to dry, it's still super annoying. This soap has helped with the oiliness so much! The more I use it, the more my face is looking and feeling better. It still gets oily, but now it's more a glow rather than an oil slick. Yay!
    - And since my face is less oily, I can now use the following product: This pressed powder foundation from this organic Australian company called Zuii. I ordered it months, maybe even a year or so ago and was disappointed because it would look awful within hours due to my *then* super oily face. And there were two sucky things about it: the price! (60 dollars plus shipping!) and well the fact that it didn't agree with my face. The thing I loved about it was the color, milk, which finally matched my super pale ass! Anyway, after using that amazing soap, I now use this foundation daily! I apply it with a blush/powder brush from ecotools and boy does it look fantastic! It doesn't really look like I'm wearing makeup, which is great. And it lasts throughout the day! With only a bit of shinyness on the tip of my nose! Awesome.
    - v8 Splash Strawberry Kiwi! It's so damn good! I drink a glass a day! haha
    - Driving my jeep this month! haha I decorated her for Halloween (my second time doing it) and love it! Body parts on the dash, hanging skeletons above the back seats, spider web with glow n the dark spider pinned to the "ceiling." I love it! haha

    Bleh, I wrote a lot...haha

    - Sarah

    1. Its amazing how our skin changes. I used to have really dry skin but feel that it is more normal now. I think that is why I'm able to wear lighter foundations and powders.

      As for the Physicians Formula---They have a few different shades in the range. I have not looked at the other shades but do think they have a lighter one. It does get a little lighter with the Airspun on top.

      I haven't seen Frankenweenie yet but I really want to!!

  4. Ive been wanting to go see Pitch Perfect too. I love Rebel Wilson, she was so funny in What to Expect When Youre Expecting.

    My favorite thing currently is Pumpkin Spice flavored pudding. I've got about 8 boxes of it in the pantry right now. lol

  5. was looking for exact this blog from where I will get update about this information. and finally I've found your blog that is really full fill my requirements!

  6. Ooh, movie #1 sounds like a hit, I will have to check it out!


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