Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Opinions Please!

I was perusing Etsy today and spotted a vintage sarong dress priced at $40. That is basically unheard of nowadays, so I just had to check it out.

It was marked as "60s Strapless Cocktail Dress in Batik Cotton, Extra Small". Hmmm...

Initial thoughts--It definitely has a sarong style skirt. Fabric is pretty, not too sure of the era though.

Here is the description:

This beautiful and unique dress is a handmade 1960s reproduction of a 1940s style strapless cocktail dress. The dress is made of batik floral print cotton cloth and is completely fitted with vertical and horizontal breast darts, boning in the front and back, a side ‘Lightning’ brand metal zipper, a true waistline and a midi length wrap-style pencil skirt. A wonderful piece to wear for any special occasion in your life, whether it be an romantic evening out on the town or an outdoor wedding in the summer. This dress is in excellent condition, please read on for measurements!

Approximate Size: US Women’s size extra Small
Labeled Size: none
Length: 39 inches
Bust: 34 inches
Waist: 24 inches
Hips: 37 inches

Label: None, handmade.

Colour: Black, cream, green, brown, orange, yellow

Materials: Cotton, metal toothed zipper, plastic boning.

The description doesn't really answer any of my questions about this dress. They say its 60s but the cut and fabric do not look 60s to me. Metal zipper and boning. Sounds hopeful. Nice length and a true waist. Definitely not 70s or 80s. No ruching though.

Here is a better picture of the fabric:

Fabric is pretty, but not 40s or 50s looking. The fit is a bit off to me, especially in the bust. That may just be how it fits on the model though. It is hard to tell. It is handmade so it may need some adjustments from a tailor. It really throws me off though, as I can not pin down the era on this dress!!

Either way, I decided to take a chance on it so I bought it. I think the fabric is pretty, and I like that it is black. I will just have to see how it looks on me. If it doesn't look right I can always sell it.

What do you guys think of it??? Opinions? Worth the $40 I just spent on it, or too questionable???


  1. Well if it looks good on surely it doesn't matter what era it is from! I think it looks nice. Worth the buy.

  2. It is very cute! The Lightning brand zipper could be a vintage make (Lightning was based in Canada). The dress could also be 90s. I have seen Hilo Hattie (a Hawaiian company) dresses like this from the 90s but not this long. They are usually knee length.

    Either way, this dress is lovely! It it fits get it!

  3. The description says 60s and it looks 60s to me. If that's ok with you then go for it!

    1. I guess its the cut that throws me off from thinking its 60s. But I guess when I get it in I can decide better. Its cute though!

    2. The print is what makes me think 60s. You should do an outfit post when you get it!

  4. It may have been sewn in the 60's from 40's pattern, but the horizontal pleats on the breast, doing a little research, it was more common models of the late 50's and 60's. So yes, it could be from the 60s.
    Maybe you can recognize from the bust generally in the 40's the comfort of dressing was given from the point elastic smock, while between 50 and 60 were used darts.
    However good buy.
    sorry for my english.

  5. I'm thinking 60's too from the print on the dress. Maybe early 60's when clothes still looked 50's. Great score though.

  6. Darts like that seem to suggest to me that someone made a small bust adjustment on it ... I'm guessing late 50s? It doesn't look 60s to me unless it's very early 60s.

  7. I'm with you...something's definitely "off" here...the fabric looks really new to me! But it's cute and 40 bucks isn't too bad at all. Even if you have to put a few bucks into having it altered, you're still way under the price of the "legit" 50's Hawaiian dresses, and a nice bonus is that you'll never see anyone else in the same dress!

  8. a friend of mine brought a dress like that from an asian holiday in 2012 ... same cut almost the same fabric (sadly i can't tell you the country she bought it, she was to several countries) ... anyway, get it. 40s bucks isn't too much and it is beautiful.

    some weeks ago i got a front knotted shirt at a thrift shop. this shirt looks quite 50s, the fabric looks like quite indonisian, the collar a little more 70s ... and it drives me crazy not to know from which aera it is. it's deadstock but i can't find any information about the label of this button up shirt. ... i kinda know how you feel about this dress ;)

  9. either way, it's an adorable dress. 40 is good price for even a modern dress.

  10. I think if you like it, and its a style/fit/color that you like it doesn't matter wheather its vintage or not. $40 is reasonable for a nice dress, vintage or repro I think :)

  11. I would have bought it. 40 for a sarong like that aint bad at all.

  12. I would have bought it. 40 for a sarong like that aint bad at all.

  13. I'm sort of having buyers remorse. I haven't gotten it in yet, so hopefully it turns out to be a good purchase. I will make sure to post pics when I get it.


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