Monday, August 13, 2012

Shorts Weather

This past saturday Fernando and I took a day trip to LA. It was going to be a weekend trip but we couldn't find a budget friendly hotel (at least not in our budget) so we wound up coming home that night. There was a vintage fair I wanted to go to, a show, and the Rose Bowl.

The fair was a bust (70s galore!!). We chowed at Five Guys burgers which was delish!! Then we hit a few vintage shops near Burbank. The first shop was way overpriced. $150 for a 40s cotton dress that had been mended within an inch of its life. The next shop was expensive too, but everything was half off due to them moving. I did score something here that I will post about soon. After that we searched for a hotel, to no avail, so we wandered around Ikea and then saw a movie. In the evening we went to the show. It was Texas Steve and the Tornadoes at Viva Cantina. They are from the Bay area and the bass player, Pat Kowalski, is an old friend from Albuquerque. Another Bay area friend, John Dickerman, and an Austin friend, Lloyd Tripp, were there for the Rose Bowl. It was good to see everyone.

I will have pictures of all my fun purchases soon. For now I have some outfit shots.

The weather in LA was sweltering. I wore shorts and sun screen. I also was in no mood do deal with my hair so it got wrapped in a scarf.

I need to work on my pose a bit.
Shorts-Forever 21 (recently if anyone is looking)
Sandals-Old Navy

I love these shorts. Every now and then Forever 21 really gets it right!

On sunday we slept in and awoke to find that the hot LA weather had followed us home. We decided to hit the sale at Frock You vintage, and eat lunch again at Five Guys, our new favorite burger joint.

Shorts-Vintage from Ooh La La
Sandals-Victoria's Secret

Minimal makeup and more sunscreen. When I returned home I did some work around the house. Moved my bakelite away from the window and stored away all my sweaters and winter wear. I need to invest some time and money to set up our third bedroom as an office/ closet. I have all my boxes of vintage to sell in there. At the end of the day I was covered in sweat. It was a fun weekend overall. Next I will share all my fun finds with you guys!! Stay posted!

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  1. Cute shorts, your right about Forever 21, they sometimes have great retro items. I buy all my thick belts there too!


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