Monday, August 13, 2012

For The Love of Ruched Busts

As promised, here are my purchases from this weekend.

I managed to buy 2 dresses that are similar in two very awesome ways: they are both tomato red with ruched busts. You gotta love a ruched bust!! It can do wonders for a girls figure, especially if she is on the under endowed side like myself.

This first one I got at the Frock You sale here in San Diego.

Ruched bust and tie shoulder straps! So cute!

It needs a little bit of work. It was dirty, so I soaked it last night. Next I will need to get it hemmed as it is close to floor length. 

This next dress I found at Galyocity vintage in LA/Burbank. Everything was half off, which seemed promising. However, when I was looking through the racks simple cotton dresses were marked around $200, and fancy ones near $500. I was losing hope. When I spotted a red Hawaiian sarong number I figured it would be marked $500 so I was quite happy when I looked at the tag and it said $198. At half off I got this beauty for $99!! I can live with that price!

The glorious ruched bust! It also has a detachable halter strap.

I have a feeling it was marked low due to its size. I believe it to be a vintage size 10. It is also dead stock. No price tag, but the cotton is crisp and the ruching is not stretched out at all! It looks brand new!!

This dress was made for me! It fits me snug and perfect. I am seriously in love with it!!

I have never seen this label before and don't know anything about it. I actually thought it was a Peggy Wood at first glance. Does anyone know anything about this label???

My last 2 purchases are not red or ruched.

I battled Ikea on a saturday for these!!!

I bought these next shoes from my friend John Dickerman. He now knows my shows size (5 1/2) and can search accordingly.

Navy and red wedges with diamond print strap. The leather is nice and soft too and the soles perfect for dancing!

They remind me of these Rocket Originals I have had my eye on for years.

I am extremely happy with my purchases. I pulled out of my car savings for them but you know what??? I don't care. They are worth it!

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  1. Agreed, great dresses. I saw your trip post as well. That sounds/looks like a really fun weekend!

  2. Gorgeous. I love the first dress! And you are so lucky to have such a cutie shoe size! It must be so easy to find great vintage shoes!

  3. The dresses are so cute!And I really love the shoes!

  4. ooh serious dress envy, they are LOVELY!! Well worth a little dip into the savings!! :D xoxo

  5. That second red dress is to die for! I have a serious case of shopping envy from all of your cute items!


  6. Lovely dresses!they are very similar but it doesn't matter because you look gorgeous! I didn't know about Horloha, the label seems vintage and very tiki too!
    Shoes seem very comfortable, sometimes heels are terrible:)



  8. I would be very happy too!
    The dresses are totally fab!


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