Monday, August 27, 2012

Bakelite Insanity!!!

I really want to know why this bakelite bangle sold on Ebay for $700????

Its a pretty color. Nice carvings. A bigger bangle at 1 1/2 inches. Its certainly not the best bangle I've seen. I have one similar I only paid $80 for. Its certainly not better than this one:

This one did not sell for the asking price of $400. If I had that kind of money, though, I would have bought it!! Its fabulous!!

Here we have a lot of 3 carved bangles that sold for $655:

Thats $220 per bangle. A tad bit more understandable than buying one bangle for $700, but still way outside my price range!

And what about this lot of  2 clampers, 3 bangles, 1 pin, and 3 Bakelite books which sold for $311:

If you were to separate each piece to sell, it would definitely be worth more than that! Clampers are crazy expensive!! I was actually surprised it didn't sell for more.

Which leaves me wondering...why did that red bangle sell for $700????

Looking at the bid history makes me wonder. Did this bangle legitimately sell for $700? Or did the price get "bid up" to that price??? Maybe there really was a bidding war going, but I just can't put my brain around $700 for a carved red bangle!!!

Looking at the sellers feedback I found this:

This lot sold for $1,114.75!!! WTF!! Thats $372 per bangle!! Sure, polka dots are highly sought after, but the other two are just ok. Even the polka dot one isn't that great. Certainly not worth that!!

You wanna know the weirdest part? The bidder that won this auction, "bid up" on the red one. This same bidder can be seen all over this sellers items. However, that bidder only has an Ebay score of 86.

I don't know. Maybe nothing weird is going on here. Maybe that bidder just has a lot of money and really likes bakelite. Who knows? It certainly makes me leery though. Either something fishy is going on, or this Ebay seller has the bidding Gods on her side in a crazy way!!

 What do you think???


  1. I think you put it correctly once when you said "At the end of the day, it's still plastic".

    I have been actively collecting Bakelite for 3 years, and I too cannot believe the money people dump into single purchases.

    The only thing I can think of is that they are looking for that specific color, carving or piece. I would spend 200+ on specialty brooches, cherry items or sets. But, I don't know if I'd drop 700 on a red carved bracelet. Maybe if it matched a brooch/earring set. But, that would be a stretch. You could easily get multiple pieces for 700.00

    1. I certainly have never spent that much on any piece of "fashion". Its crazy to me. It has taken me months just to save $1000 to put towards a car, and thats with working extra on the weekends and selling stuff. I can not imagine blowing that on a plastic bangle!! It'll be hard enough to fork it over for a car!!

      I would spend $400 on that multi colored prystal piece though (if I had money to burn)!! That piece is sooooo beautiful!!! Sigh...

  2. Oh, to have that sort of disposable income, right? ;)

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  4. It's hard for me to spend 80 to 100 let alone some of those crazy prices.

  5. I think the person was bid up, but I've seen this happen quite a lot on Ebay, people just get that fever of winning and start this bidding war.

  6. if I had $ 700 to invest, I'd rather buy a lambretta =)
    sometimes it takes very little to increase the market price.

  7. JEEEZ!!!! That is insane money to spend on anything like that in my opinion... it does sound a little fishy but maybe the person 'bidding up' is a crazy collector and just wants everything? hah.

    I always keep my eyes peeled for some bits of bakelite, but I still haven't found anything I can 100% confirm is bakelite (I'm not too clued up on the subject yet, willing to learn!) that I can afford so I shall just have to save up my pennies. droool


    1. Read my all informative Bakelite post. It will tell you how to test it:

  8. That is nuts!The most I've ever spent on Bakelite was $75 and it was when I had a stable job (not being my own boss via selling online which is anything but stable,haha!) and I just loved it too much to walk away from it.Must be nice to have that kind of money to blow on costume jewelry.I agree its nice but it is just plastic.

  9. I wonder if it was a buyer outside the US? The dollar is so bad here that it makes purchases MUCH cheaper. And there is a great foreign market for vintage goods. Just a theory! I love bakelite...but I rarely find bargains.

  10. Woah 700?! weird. Cool blog by the way. You're gorgeous! :)

  11. I hope the bidding gods are on my side! Just thought everyone might want to know about the large collection of BAKELITE I'm currently selling on eBay. All real deal Amazing carved pieces all with very fair LOW starting prices!
    Pass it along, auctions end on Sunday afternoon.

    Happy Bidding!!


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