Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Opinions Please!

I was perusing Etsy today and spotted a vintage sarong dress priced at $40. That is basically unheard of nowadays, so I just had to check it out.

It was marked as "60s Strapless Cocktail Dress in Batik Cotton, Extra Small". Hmmm...

Initial thoughts--It definitely has a sarong style skirt. Fabric is pretty, not too sure of the era though.

Here is the description:

This beautiful and unique dress is a handmade 1960s reproduction of a 1940s style strapless cocktail dress. The dress is made of batik floral print cotton cloth and is completely fitted with vertical and horizontal breast darts, boning in the front and back, a side ‘Lightning’ brand metal zipper, a true waistline and a midi length wrap-style pencil skirt. A wonderful piece to wear for any special occasion in your life, whether it be an romantic evening out on the town or an outdoor wedding in the summer. This dress is in excellent condition, please read on for measurements!

Approximate Size: US Women’s size extra Small
Labeled Size: none
Length: 39 inches
Bust: 34 inches
Waist: 24 inches
Hips: 37 inches

Label: None, handmade.

Colour: Black, cream, green, brown, orange, yellow

Materials: Cotton, metal toothed zipper, plastic boning.

The description doesn't really answer any of my questions about this dress. They say its 60s but the cut and fabric do not look 60s to me. Metal zipper and boning. Sounds hopeful. Nice length and a true waist. Definitely not 70s or 80s. No ruching though.

Here is a better picture of the fabric:

Fabric is pretty, but not 40s or 50s looking. The fit is a bit off to me, especially in the bust. That may just be how it fits on the model though. It is hard to tell. It is handmade so it may need some adjustments from a tailor. It really throws me off though, as I can not pin down the era on this dress!!

Either way, I decided to take a chance on it so I bought it. I think the fabric is pretty, and I like that it is black. I will just have to see how it looks on me. If it doesn't look right I can always sell it.

What do you guys think of it??? Opinions? Worth the $40 I just spent on it, or too questionable???

Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you have been following my blog for any time now, then you know that I have been saving to buy a car. Well I am very happy to announce that it has happened!! I have bought myself a car!!!

Its a vintage 2009 Chevy Cobalt (I'm just kidding, of course) and it is exactly what I wanted. Cherry red, my favorite color, with 2 doors, compact, sporty, low miles, and great gas mileage.

The interior is black and charcoal. Perfect!

It has tinted windows, free Sirius and On Star for 3 months, and Blue Tooth. The Blue Tooth is the coolest thing! I can make calls, receive calls, and talk completely hands free. It shows the phone number on the radio!! I love it!

When I told Fernando what we were going to look at he was hesitant. 2 doors and red?? He thought I needed something bigger and not red. However, when we got there and I showed it to him he said that it was perfect for me and just looks like a "Holly" car. I even showed him some other options I would consider and he said he preferred this one. He is also quite jealous of the Blue Tooth and Sirius radio.

I have to admit that I am very proud of myself. I bought this car 100% on my own. I worked 2 jobs and saved the money for the down payment within 3 months. My credit is not perfect, but I was approved all by myself. I will be making payments on it for quite sometime, but it is worth it. I have not had a car in about 4 years and I was tired of not being independent, because I am a very independent person. I have worked hard for what I have and I refuse to take it for granted. I know that some people do not appreciate the wonderful things that they have in their life. Whether it be friends, a house, a business, a husband/boyfriend, pets, or even the enormous generosity of family. These are things that should not be thrown out with the trash. When you have to work for something, earn it, then you appreciate it that much more.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bakelite Insanity!!!

I really want to know why this bakelite bangle sold on Ebay for $700????

Its a pretty color. Nice carvings. A bigger bangle at 1 1/2 inches. Its certainly not the best bangle I've seen. I have one similar I only paid $80 for. Its certainly not better than this one:

This one did not sell for the asking price of $400. If I had that kind of money, though, I would have bought it!! Its fabulous!!

Here we have a lot of 3 carved bangles that sold for $655:

Thats $220 per bangle. A tad bit more understandable than buying one bangle for $700, but still way outside my price range!

And what about this lot of  2 clampers, 3 bangles, 1 pin, and 3 Bakelite books which sold for $311:

If you were to separate each piece to sell, it would definitely be worth more than that! Clampers are crazy expensive!! I was actually surprised it didn't sell for more.

Which leaves me wondering...why did that red bangle sell for $700????

Looking at the bid history makes me wonder. Did this bangle legitimately sell for $700? Or did the price get "bid up" to that price??? Maybe there really was a bidding war going, but I just can't put my brain around $700 for a carved red bangle!!!

Looking at the sellers feedback I found this:

This lot sold for $1,114.75!!! WTF!! Thats $372 per bangle!! Sure, polka dots are highly sought after, but the other two are just ok. Even the polka dot one isn't that great. Certainly not worth that!!

You wanna know the weirdest part? The bidder that won this auction, "bid up" on the red one. This same bidder can be seen all over this sellers items. However, that bidder only has an Ebay score of 86.

I don't know. Maybe nothing weird is going on here. Maybe that bidder just has a lot of money and really likes bakelite. Who knows? It certainly makes me leery though. Either something fishy is going on, or this Ebay seller has the bidding Gods on her side in a crazy way!!

 What do you think???

Friday, August 24, 2012

Shabby Apple Winner!!

Today is the day folks!! I am announcing the winner of my Shabby Apple giveaway!! I had a great turnout for it, so thank you guys very much! Hopefully I can do more giveaways in the future.

Now onto the winner!!

So I wrote every entry onto a pad of paper, adding names twice for those that blogged about the giveaway.

34 entries total!

Next I went to and did a random number generator.

Here is the result!! 

Drums please!!

#3. Then I matched that number to the name and the winner is....

Jana B!!!!!

Congrats Jana!! Send me you info so I can send you the $50 gift certificate. Its coming directly from Shabby Apple so please email me your full name and shipping address.

Congratulations Jana!! Thanks to all that entered!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too Soon??

Today is the final day to enter my giveaway from Shabby Apple. If you want the chance to win a $50 gift certificate then go enter here!!

Anyways...Viva Las Vegas is about 7 months away. It is definitely too soon to start doing posts about it!! However, I thought I would post the flier and mention that Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio will be playing again. 

If you have not booked your room at the Orleans yet then too bad!! It has been sold out for months. I did not reserve a room because I was on the fence about going. It seems that every other year is not so good which means this one will be a dud. However, since Fernando's band is playing along with a bunch of other bands we know, I have to go. Not to mention (more importantly) that one of my best friends Emma will be going. She is preggers currently and will give birth shortly before, but she already has her ticket and swears she will make it! I can't miss that!! 

So...who's planning on going to VLV 16???? Can you believe that since #4 I have only missed 1!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway 2 Days Left!!

Only 2 more days left to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway I am hosting. If you haven't entered already please go here and do it!! You can win a $50 gift certificate to Shabby Apple!!!

You can use it towards the purchase of this pretty number:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TV Star(s)

Saturday morning Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio, my boyfriends band, played live on TV for the local news. I did not go. I slept in. I have no regrets.

Here is footage from it.

I love that they were announced by Peter Brady!! Also, the singers name is Chris, not Roy Rapid.

Here is the flier for the event. If you are in the area please come on down!

The Blue Suedes

If you haven't already, please make sure to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway I am hosting here.

Friday night was spent in Fullerton watching The Blue Suedes perform. They are this great R&B band that doesn't play together very often. The Rhythm Rockets opened for them and there were DJ's too. It was a fun night!

Here are some pictures from the night.

Cara, me and Monica. I got to wear my Mexican print skirt that I am in love with!!

My cute boyfriend and his guitarist, Ben.

A little blurry. Monica and Nicole. I love Nicole's dress!!

Playing with black and white.

The dance floor.

The Blue Suedes.

Fernando, Danny and Ben being drunk and stupid.

Me and one of my besties Cara.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't Forget!!!

This is just a reminder to make sure and enter the Shabby Apple giveaway I am hosting.

Enter it today for you chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Shabby Apply.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway (Contest Closed)

Hey guys! I have some exciting news!!

Shabby Apple contacted me about hosting a giveaway on my blog!!! This is very exciting because I have been wanting to have a giveaway for quite some time. Shabby Apple is a great online site that sells adorable clothes and accessories, all with a very vintage feel to them.

The prize is a $50 gift certificate to Shabby Apple. That means you can buy whatever you want!! Also, they have given me a discount code good for 10% off your purchase good for one month. How exciting!!!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Contest rules:
1-You must be a follower of my blog. "Anonymous" comments can not enter.
2-You must leave me a comment, saying what you would purchase from Shabby Apple if you win. 
3-"Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook.
4-"Like" Temperamental Broad on Facebook.

If you have a blog you can get an extra entry by posting about this giveaway. Just leave me a comment with the link.

The contest will run for 1 week from today and the winner will be randomly picked. I will announce the winner on my blog.  Last day to enter will be Aug 23.

This contest is open to US residents only. However, the 10% discount code is open to everyone and it is good for one month.

Click on this picture to go shopping!!!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

The 10% discount code is temperamentalbroad10off

Good luck!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

For The Love of Ruched Busts

As promised, here are my purchases from this weekend.

I managed to buy 2 dresses that are similar in two very awesome ways: they are both tomato red with ruched busts. You gotta love a ruched bust!! It can do wonders for a girls figure, especially if she is on the under endowed side like myself.

This first one I got at the Frock You sale here in San Diego.

Ruched bust and tie shoulder straps! So cute!

It needs a little bit of work. It was dirty, so I soaked it last night. Next I will need to get it hemmed as it is close to floor length. 

This next dress I found at Galyocity vintage in LA/Burbank. Everything was half off, which seemed promising. However, when I was looking through the racks simple cotton dresses were marked around $200, and fancy ones near $500. I was losing hope. When I spotted a red Hawaiian sarong number I figured it would be marked $500 so I was quite happy when I looked at the tag and it said $198. At half off I got this beauty for $99!! I can live with that price!

The glorious ruched bust! It also has a detachable halter strap.

I have a feeling it was marked low due to its size. I believe it to be a vintage size 10. It is also dead stock. No price tag, but the cotton is crisp and the ruching is not stretched out at all! It looks brand new!!

This dress was made for me! It fits me snug and perfect. I am seriously in love with it!!

I have never seen this label before and don't know anything about it. I actually thought it was a Peggy Wood at first glance. Does anyone know anything about this label???

My last 2 purchases are not red or ruched.

I battled Ikea on a saturday for these!!!

I bought these next shoes from my friend John Dickerman. He now knows my shows size (5 1/2) and can search accordingly.

Navy and red wedges with diamond print strap. The leather is nice and soft too and the soles perfect for dancing!

They remind me of these Rocket Originals I have had my eye on for years.

I am extremely happy with my purchases. I pulled out of my car savings for them but you know what??? I don't care. They are worth it!

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Shorts Weather

This past saturday Fernando and I took a day trip to LA. It was going to be a weekend trip but we couldn't find a budget friendly hotel (at least not in our budget) so we wound up coming home that night. There was a vintage fair I wanted to go to, a show, and the Rose Bowl.

The fair was a bust (70s galore!!). We chowed at Five Guys burgers which was delish!! Then we hit a few vintage shops near Burbank. The first shop was way overpriced. $150 for a 40s cotton dress that had been mended within an inch of its life. The next shop was expensive too, but everything was half off due to them moving. I did score something here that I will post about soon. After that we searched for a hotel, to no avail, so we wandered around Ikea and then saw a movie. In the evening we went to the show. It was Texas Steve and the Tornadoes at Viva Cantina. They are from the Bay area and the bass player, Pat Kowalski, is an old friend from Albuquerque. Another Bay area friend, John Dickerman, and an Austin friend, Lloyd Tripp, were there for the Rose Bowl. It was good to see everyone.

I will have pictures of all my fun purchases soon. For now I have some outfit shots.

The weather in LA was sweltering. I wore shorts and sun screen. I also was in no mood do deal with my hair so it got wrapped in a scarf.

I need to work on my pose a bit.
Shorts-Forever 21 (recently if anyone is looking)
Sandals-Old Navy

I love these shorts. Every now and then Forever 21 really gets it right!

On sunday we slept in and awoke to find that the hot LA weather had followed us home. We decided to hit the sale at Frock You vintage, and eat lunch again at Five Guys, our new favorite burger joint.

Shorts-Vintage from Ooh La La
Sandals-Victoria's Secret

Minimal makeup and more sunscreen. When I returned home I did some work around the house. Moved my bakelite away from the window and stored away all my sweaters and winter wear. I need to invest some time and money to set up our third bedroom as an office/ closet. I have all my boxes of vintage to sell in there. At the end of the day I was covered in sweat. It was a fun weekend overall. Next I will share all my fun finds with you guys!! Stay posted!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Rant (I Apologize) and Clarity??? Maybe.

Sheesh, its been 2 weeks since my last post!! I haven't purposely been ignoring you guys, I swear!!

Things have been about as busy as can be in my life. Last week I worked 7 days. And for those of you that aren't aware, there are only 7 days in the week so that means I worked every single day. I was exhausted. I was also quite on edge and had at least 3 outbursts (thank god Fernando is patient!) I am frustrated people!! I do not do well when my life is all work and no play. I need to relax. I need to have fun. I need to buy vintage clothes!!! I had hit a wall. Some Blue Moon and 3 dips in the hot tub (yes, we have a hot tub) really helped. I am feeling much better.

So why am I working so much, you ask?

~Begin rant~

I was told by my boss that I need to try and have a car in 3 months. He said that when they hired me they assumed I had a car (don't ever assume people!) and wouldn't have hired me had they known I didn't. How is that my problem?? Anyways, I told him that I would do my best to have a car by that time so I have been working extra shifts at Macy's to make extra money.

Here is my dilemma. I do not make a lot of money. In fact, I had to fight to get paid what I do get paid at this new job. They wanted to pay me $10 an hour. Um...I DON'T THINK SO!!! I still only managed to get a couple dollars more than that. Meaning, I don't get paid shit!! Fernando and I have a mortgage, I have a credit card bill, a phone bill, a cable bill, and bus/trolley fair to get to work. After paying all of that I can save only $250 a month if I am lucky. This leaves me with a whopping $200 to last for 2 weeks. Out of that $200 I have to buy food and anything else I may need to keep myself pretty and entertained. Picking up a minimum of 3 shifts a month at Macy's gives me an extra $200 to put directly into savings. Lets see...$250 + $200 x 3 months = yeah, NOT ENOUGH TO BUY A FREAKIN CAR!!! I can not afford a car payment so I was hoping to buy a car for $2000. Doing the math though (and adding in the fact that I love to shop and suck at saving money) leaves me just a tad (a lot) short of my goal. Also, I was informed the other day that if I'm not constantly 'looking busy' I may have my hours cut because the owner has a tendency to 'over react' . Fabulous.

Even though I am complaining, I like this job. It is fairly easy. I can dress casual and listen to music. My coworkers are nice and the owner really isn't that bad (especially compared to my old Osmotics boss). There is an office cat and I get free goodies. However at the end of the day I am incredibly unsatisfied. I am working 8 hours a day, organizing someone else's life. Promoting and selling someone else's products. Making money for someone who is not me. All the while I am struggling financially, I do not have any health insurance, and I have zero job security. Not to mention, the longer I sit at this desk, drinking coffee and eating snacks (I eat when I am bored), I am worried I will gain weight. No bueno.

~End rant~

I have been refocusing a bit lately. I do not have all my thoughts clearly laid out just yet, but I am putting them together. I am 34 years old and it has become bitterly apparent that I am not a 'worker'. I do not thrive at work. I hate it and I resent it. I am also not a conventional person. I really need to think outside the box and put my creative shoes back on. They have been laying dormant for too long. It will not be easy and it will not happen overnight, but the longer I wait the longer I will remain unhappy. Fernando is having these same thoughts. So though we do not have a clear laid out plan, it is nice to be in this together. I am not 100% sure what it is I am going to do, but I feel I would be foolish to ignore the signs.

I know I am being a bit vague here. I am mostly just expressing my thoughts. There will probably be some changes here at my blog. I am thinking about a name change. Something to attract more readers (and yes, more companies). I want to invest in some better equipment. A tripod and video camera. Maybe I can venture into some You Tube videos. Also, Etsy and Ebay are always there and I should utilize them way more. I should make my own money. For me. Down the line I may even consider opening my own business. Its always been a thought. I truly have no idea where I would even start with something like that though. I will keep you all updated in any progress I make, of course.

Any comments, thoughts, advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!
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