Sunday, July 1, 2012

West Coast Rockabilly Showdown

A few weeks back Roy Rapid, my boyfriends band, played the first round of the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown. They won that round and were pretty happy about it. I was not there because I was working, but I made sure to be there for the finals which were held on Saturday. The show is hosted by Karling Abbeygate and featured the winners from all 4 rounds, battling it out for money and an opening spot on a show in September.

We hit a ton of traffic on the drive up and barely arrived in time for their set. They jumped onstage and got started right away. They sounded great and did a bunch of new songs.

Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio

Monica and I enjoying the set. 

Some dancers up from Palm Springs.

After their set the Rayford Brothers played. We had missed the first two bands, The Centuries and
 Cattie Ness and the Revenge, due to the horrible traffic, but had heard that everyone did an amazing job. We knew the competition would be tough but the boys had played really well so we were hopeful they would be top 2. Karling Abbeygate came onstage to announce the order.
#4-The Centuries
#3-Cattie Ness
#2-The Rayford Brothers
#1-Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio!!!!

The boys were surprised and happy at the announcement. Me and Monica were proud girlfriends.

Pictures with Karling and the cash prize.

An interview with the OC Register.

I'll keep an eye out for this video to post later.

The winners.

Of course I had to take a picture of me and Monica. I'm glad I wore what I did because it was really hot. I'm also glad I wore sunscreen!

These three photos are from the article taken by Kevin Sullivan from The OC Register.

Ben McCarthy

Chris Soltero and David Vazquez.
David is the new bass player for Roy Rapid and has only played a few shows with them. Josh, the previous bass player, and his girlfriend Kat moved to Nevada for work.

I really like this picture of me and Monica.


  1. Congratulations to your man and his band :) and you were looking gorgeous as always! I'm off to check out their songs on youtube now...
    x Molly

  2. Oh hey! That is my friend David in those pictures playing bass, love him!

  3. Your sunglasses are adorable!


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