Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is This Fate or Just a Cruel Coincidence???

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the horrific shooting in Aurora, CO on July 20th. Aurora is very close to Denver and I really just lived about 10 minutes away. Its horrible and by no means the first time something like this has happened in the area (Columbine is right up the street). As I hear about all the victims, the youngest a 6 year old girl, there is one that stands out. Not because it is more upsetting than the others, because they are all exceptionally sad. Its because of a blog post the victim wrote just over a month ago.

Jessica Ghawi was a Texan living in Colorado. On June 2nd she was on vacation in Toronto where she narrowly escaped death. A gunman shot up the mall food court where she had been standing 3 minutes earlier; a weird feeling pushing her to go outside. I wonder if she had gotten that same feeling on July 19th as she sat in the theater watching the new Batman movie? I wonder if she ignored it this time, assuming, like most do, that lightening won't strike the same place twice. We will never know because she did not survive. She was shot in the head.

Her post has an eerie quality to it, of course, because we know the outcome. When I read it I did not realize that this shooting happened less than 2 months ago. 46 days to be exact.  I have many beliefs regarding death and the afterlife, none of which I want to discuss on here, but when something like this happens it really does make you think. A lot of things had to happen to place her in both places at just the right/wrong time. Was it fate that led her into that theater on July 19th? Or just some cruel coincidence?

Read her post below:


  1. I saw her blog post on Tumblr... how horrifically sad that after escaping so narrowly from the first shooting, she was taken... Particularly as she had come to have some important realizations about life as a result. It doesn't seem fair.

  2. So sad. It's so hard to wrap your head around how that all happened. What are the chances of two shootings. So strange and sad. :-(

  3. I just read her post, it is so horribly sad and strange. Who would ever think that you could be around two shootings in a such a small amount of time....
    x Molly


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