Wednesday, July 25, 2012

US Rockabilly Rave 2008

Why am I posting about a weekender from like 4 years ago???? Because it was so much fun and every time I look at the pictures I smile! Plus, this event was before my blog was born and I like having a place for all my little memories and stuff. I am going to post from past Viva's too. Besides, its my blog. Why not?

This was the first of only two Rockabilly Rave's held here in the US. There have been like 5000 of them held in the UK. It was also the first time a weekender was held at the Orleans in Vegas. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the size of the hotel, always getting lost on the way from my room to the ballroom. It didn't help that this event was about a million times smaller than Viva. The normal people outnumbered us for once!

Me and e decided to go together. None of our 'burque or Denver friends were going, so it was set to be a San Francisco crew weekend. His friend Patrick from Seattle roomed with us as well. I had never met him before and did not know what I was in for. I figured it out pretty fast when he walked in with a loaf of Jalepeno cheese bread. Oh, its going to be one of THOSE weekends, is it???

Yes it is.

Day one. The Neon Graveyard.

Sin. Oh yes. There would be plenty this weekend!

Does this sign make me look crazy???

Yes and yes.

After that I vaguely remember Dell Taco. 

Night one:

I think. I am not 100% sure. I remember crying a lot (its not important why) and calling Dougie and Cara at like 4 in the morning for a pep talk. He made me feel better. So did Patrick, who blurted out "Holly...I'm gay. I don't know how to make you feel better!" to which I responded "ummmm....yeah..." and burst out laughing (like it wasn't obvious!). We still giggle about that one.

Night one, outfit two.

I think. I am purely going off of my hair. I love all of the random bitchy looks from e. Also, nice chest hair.

Apparently e changed outfits too.

Rockabilly Rave, get it???

Day two.

I really wish I had a picture of Patricks Captain and Tenile outfit. It has white shorts which I fully recall being rather see through, even when dry. 

Night two.

This is Mark and Pengweezy.

Blue steel.

Toga's, orbs and stuffed penguins. Nuff said.

Hairy Canadian guy: "I really like your friend Holly."
e: "Really? Cuz she's kind of a bitch."
Walks away.

This is why I love Patrick.

Night three.

Prom pictures. The boys wore matching Fez shirts. There was a third medium sized guy there with the same shirt too. Funny story--I was watching Roseanne one night and noticed Jackie wearing the same shirt! I sent a   picture of it to e. His response--"WTH are you watching Roseanne at 2 in the morning???"

Mexican food and giant margaritas. It was only the beginning.

More margaritas.

Another round of tequila shots and it was officially going to be a crazy night.

Cari Lee's hot sauce.

I have nothing to say about this photo except it is better than the one where I have my tongue out.

Up to the ballroom.


 I love my lil e!!

Here is where it gets a bit hazy...

At some point I changed my dress. Then I vaguely remember seeing Patrick holding Pengweezy, running at him and tackling him to the floor. 

He never knew what hit him.

At least I remembered to show a little bit of dignity!


Apparently I tackled Teresa too.

She liked it.

I really have no idea why I would act so crazy and out of control!!

No idea...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recent Purchases

I know I have a shopping problem. There is just always something I have to have!!!

I bought the black ones and had to force myself not to buy the purple ones as well. I still want them. You all know that I have been obsessed with flat ankle tie sandals this summer and Victoria's Secret has had the best ones. I know I will wear these ones a lot.

Yes readers, I paid a lot for this skirt. I would not usually pay so much for a skirt but I have a story that goes with this one. A few months back when I went to San Francisco for Booze, Broads and Hotrods, I saw this very skirt at one of the vendors. I was broke so I walked away but I have regretted it ever since! I was just thinking the other day that maybe I should ask some of my SF crew if they knew that vendor and could find it for me. Yesterday I logged onto Facebook and promptly went to Ooh La La and THERE IT WAS!! I couldn't believe it! No one had expressed interest in it yet so I made sure I did right away. Good thing too, because soon there was interest ("interested" on OLL means "I might buy it").  After some back and forth with the seller I purchased it. Yes the price scares me a bit, especially because I am trying to save my money, but I just couldn't let it slip away a second time. I mean, IT HAS SOMBREROS AND MARACAS ON IT!!!! It practically has my name written all over it :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is This Fate or Just a Cruel Coincidence???

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the horrific shooting in Aurora, CO on July 20th. Aurora is very close to Denver and I really just lived about 10 minutes away. Its horrible and by no means the first time something like this has happened in the area (Columbine is right up the street). As I hear about all the victims, the youngest a 6 year old girl, there is one that stands out. Not because it is more upsetting than the others, because they are all exceptionally sad. Its because of a blog post the victim wrote just over a month ago.

Jessica Ghawi was a Texan living in Colorado. On June 2nd she was on vacation in Toronto where she narrowly escaped death. A gunman shot up the mall food court where she had been standing 3 minutes earlier; a weird feeling pushing her to go outside. I wonder if she had gotten that same feeling on July 19th as she sat in the theater watching the new Batman movie? I wonder if she ignored it this time, assuming, like most do, that lightening won't strike the same place twice. We will never know because she did not survive. She was shot in the head.

Her post has an eerie quality to it, of course, because we know the outcome. When I read it I did not realize that this shooting happened less than 2 months ago. 46 days to be exact.  I have many beliefs regarding death and the afterlife, none of which I want to discuss on here, but when something like this happens it really does make you think. A lot of things had to happen to place her in both places at just the right/wrong time. Was it fate that led her into that theater on July 19th? Or just some cruel coincidence?

Read her post below:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Til the Well Runs Dry

I have been collecting vintage clothing for about 13 years now. I haven't amassed a huge collection by any means, but I do feel that I have some great treasures hanging in my closet. Some of these things I got for a steal, and a few of them I have paid a small fortune for. Most of them though, I paid a fair price for. I am constantly searching for new vintage items to add to my collection and over the years I have begun to notice a few disturbing trends:

1-The price of vintage has gone WAY up.

2-Real vintage is becoming harder to find.

3-What is out there that isn't overpriced isn't very good.

Of course I am over simplifying things here, but I have had a difficult time finding quality vintage that I can afford for at least a few years now. I still find things mind you, but it has become increasingly difficult, especially now that I am 'starting over' and am not making as much money as I once was. When I first started collecting it was a fun, affordable hobby. I would go to thrift stores and dig through the racks with the hopes of finding something cool to wear out dancing that night. Over the years, though, it has becoming an all consuming 'task' to find anything that I can afford and want to wear. I have to travel to other cities/states, get up at the crack of dawn to go to a swap meet, and take the risk of a bed bug infestation at estate sales just to get a decent 50s dress!! Its become a job just to clothe myself!!! ;-)

(Again, I am over simplifying matters here and being slightly fecetious).

I was reading a post on Ooh La La Vintage Swap and Sell on Facebook the other day that got me thinking. The post was about a seller that had been kicked off Ebay and Etsy for selling shoddy, overpriced, misrepresented items. The topic strayed to how hard it is for dealers to find stock and that because they paid so much for an item, they then have to turn around and charge even more for it just to make a profit. They also figure in the cost and time it took to find those items, plus time and expense to mend, photograph, and list them. It makes sense. I was doing it for a while and it does take a lot of time, effort and money to hunt down vintage nowadays. Though I do not agree with the outrageous prices, it got me thinking...

What happens when the well runs dry? In other words, what happens when all the vintage is gone???

"We'd rather go naked than wear modern clothes!!!"

That sounds crazy right? Even when all the vintage from estate sales is bought up there will always be collectors willing to sell off their items. Sure they will. But what did they pay for that item? And how much will they in turn charge for it? Lets see... If dealer A buys a vintage dress from dealer B for $75 with the intent to turn around and sell it, how much do they charge? It looks to me like they charge at least double. So now that dress is $150. Then what happens when buyer A decides to sell that same dress a year later. How much will buyer B pay for it? $200-250??? In my opinion that is outrageous. Though I am not really here to debate the price of vintage (because yes, it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, blah, blah, blah...), it does worry me. If the price of vintage continues to rise in this way not only will the collectors not be able to buy it, but the sellers will no longer be able to sell it. Meaning, they will then have to offer those items at a discount just in order to sell them, which will eat into their profit margin. If that continues they will quite buying and selling vintage entirely!

Would you pay $380 for this suit??? I wouldn't. I wonder why the seller thinks it is worth that much.

Now onto my more disturbing thought. What happens when there really is no more wearable vintage clothing out there??? These clothes that we love are already 50-80 years old and will, no matter how well they are made, eventually fall apart. I am having to mend and re-mend my dresses and I eventually know that some of them will just fall apart. I have a few pieces from the 20s, 30s and 40s that have literally disintegrated. It makes me really sad but it is just a fact of clothing: it will eventually fall apart. I am already seeing a huge decline in the amount of actual vintage out there in the world. I see more and more "50s style" garments out there, some of them being pawned off as the real thing, because of this very reason.

Click the link for the full description. The person is selling it as a real vintage dress from the 50s.


So my question to you, my dear readers, is what will you do when you can no longer find/afford vintage clothing? Will you buy repro? Take up sewing? Or just start shopping at the mall???

I know for me, one thing I do is I rarely ever sell anything from my personal collection. I still have the very first vintage dress I ever bought. It still fits and I still love it. I had to replace the zipper in it but damn do I love it! I know people that buy things, wear them once, then turn around and sell it. Even at my most financially despair I try not to sell my most fabulous pieces. I still have all my Hawaiians, my bakelite bangles, my drawer full of halter tops and shorts, and lucite purses. If I sell something it is only because it is too big (too small I can squeeze into/loose weight, but I have no plans on gaining weight, so if its too big and can't easily be taken in...its gotta go!!), or is unflattering on me. I don't care how much I can get for my vintage halter tops, or  my Fred Perlberg dress, or my Shaheen two piece sarong set. The thought of selling them does not appeal to me because I know what I paid for them (not much!), and I know that if I sold them I will never again find something like it at a reasonable price. They are treasures to me!

"50's" Deadstock Hawaiian Dress
I had this dress in purple and in blue. I sold the purple and turned the blue into a two piece. Why is it now worth so much more than the $25 I paid for the purple one 10 years ago?? And again, we have an item being sold as 50s that is not. I may be wrong, but isn't this convertible dress from the 60s or 70s???

I guess I could start buying more repro. Whirling Turban, Trashy Diva, Bettie Page (among others) really are making nice reproduction items. It isn't all stretchy and cheap like it used to be. I do have some issues with repro though: its more common so more people will own that same piece and it can be expensive, just like vintage, so I would rather buy the real thing. At the end of the day I prefer vintage because I know that, for the most part, no one else will be wearing the same thing I am, and chances are I didn't pay much for something that I , hopefully, look amazing in.

So I guess I am wanting to start a bit of a discussion here. What are your thoughts about the current cost of vintage, whether you are a seller or a buyer? Do you feel that it is too high, or is it fair? Do you find yourself buying more repro, or would you rather pay the extra money for the real thing?And what about those of you that make a living selling vintage??? What do you base your prices on? And if you can't find real vintage, will you venture into 80s and 90s clothing? Or do something else all together?

Comment away!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dixiefried for Pinup Girl Clothing

I am really impressed with the Dixiefried collection on Pinup Girl Clothing. I remember this repro clothing line from about 10 years ago, and they had some nice things. What I love about the current collection are all the prints! They are right up my alley!


 I am really impressed with these bustier tops and desperately want the two printed ones. Especially the yellow banana print!! I LOVE it! 

Go check them out. There are lots of cute cigarette style pants that I like too, but worry they would be too long on me.While your at it check out Pinup Girl Clothing's Blog to see Micheline Pitt's collection of vintage halter tops. She's got some really cool ones!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage Halter Tops

I don't know when my obsession for vintage halter tops started, but I do remember the first one I bought. It was actually a lot of 3 of them on Ebay-a 70s leopard print one, a yellow and pansies print, and a plaid print. I think I paid $15 for them. Ever since then I have made a point to seek out these cute little tops. I used to pick them up for cheap too from Ebay, the Rose Bowl, vintage stores, and Viva. The most I ever paid for one was $25.

In the past couple of years I have noticed the cost of them sky rocket for some reason. Maybe they are becoming harder to find? Maybe people finally realized how cute they are? I dunno. Whatever the reason they now sell upwards of $200. I know they are cute, but DAMN!!! I have been hunting for a plain black one for years and saw one sell on Ebay recently for $180!!! Thats just crazy.

I thought I would share some of my collection with you. These are all vintage halter tops, bra tops and bustier tops. I am incredibly broke right now and am trying to save for a car, so I figure I will share with you guys pieces that I already own instead of recent purchases. This is actually a good way for me to 'shop' from my closet too, since I sometimes forget what I have.

An older photo of my collection. I've added a few new pieces.

"Miss Hawaii"

Tulip print bustier top.

Gray/blue "sharkskin" bustier top. That Hawaiian skirt has a matching halter top that goes with it, but it fits me weird. The bustier top matched it nicely though.

Pink floral bustier top.

One of my my most worn halter tops. Plain red.

"Hawaiian Casuals"

Ruched pink bustier top. This skirt is part of a matching set:

See, now its a dress! I love options. I really want to wear this set again but I seem to have left the top in storage in Denver :-(

Yellow and blue. I need to take this one in.

Another top I wear often. Black with white ruffle. I need a plain black one like it to go with some pink and black shorts I own.

Red velvet bustier top. I have a black one very similar to this one that I get a lot of use out of.

 Pink ones.

White ones.

Plaid ones.

Gingham ones.

Sheesh! Thats a lot of halter tops!! I really don't wear the bra style ones too often because I feel a bit naked in them. One day I will just have to sell some of them...

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