Friday, June 1, 2012

Zack and Dollie's Rockabilly Prom

This past weekend I went to prom. A Rockabilly Prom to be exact. Dollie from The Rockabilly Socialite invited us to her vintage prom themed wedding reception and I was happy to go! We had a lot of fun and I made sure to take lots of pictures.

The happy couple, Zack and Dollie. Love her dress!!

Our dates.

Vanessa and Monica.

Nicole and Ben.

Roy Rapid.

Emily and Jesse, who's wedding we will be attending end of June. Their reception will be on the Queen Mary!!

Cutting the cake.

I made sure to eat a piece of the cake. It was yummy!

They even had an area set up to take prom portraits:

Nicole got a little tipsy. I was nice and didn't post the picture of her on the floor...

Best dressed contest. I didn't get pictures of the prom court, or the King and Queen. It was Zack and Dollie but I have to reason to believe that the contest was rigged!!!

Thank you, Goodnight!!

It was a great night filled with dancing and fun. Congratulations Zack and Dollie!!!


  1. that looks like a fun night.
    Your dress is very sweet, it matches your honey

  2. looks like a blast! All the dresses are fab!

  3. what a night! looks li9ke you guys had so much fun.
    great shots, great dresses and hairdos. like!

  4. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. I am sending a link to this post to my friend who is getting married soon. Some beautiful ideas here and you look gorge, as usual. The bride is a KNOCKOUT!

  5. What a Fun party! I am head over heels for the "Moon cut out" photo spot! The Bride is so Pretty and the Groom dashing.

  6. This looks like such a great night! Such beautiful dresses and styles, that cake looks amazing and I love the prom moon background. I read your post on the 'Fashionable Forties' and thought i'd pop over and say hi! I love how you still use such an old toaster, keeping it old school! XxxX

  7. Thanks for the post! We are so glad that everyone had fun! :)



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