Friday, June 8, 2012

Vintage For Sale

Hey guys! I went through my closet and decided it was time to sell a few things. These are things that just don't fit anymore, or just aren't really my style. I'm small and petite and things need to really fit right in order for me to look my best. That being said, I decided to post them here on my blog in case any of my readers are interested in them.

There will be a few more posts coming up with things I am selling. I can't fit them all in one post. If you are interested in any of them leave a comment and it will be first come first serve. Please include your email adress in the comment. Shipping is not included in the price and payment will be excepted through Paypal. All measurements are taken laying flat, then doubled. If you have any questions please comment, or email me at

Thanks for looking!!

I love this dress but it just doesn't fit anymore. Its black and white gingham with red scalloped sleeve detail.

The belt is attached. Zipper up the back. Its in perfect condition.

Mexican tourist jacket. Its cream wool with all that killer embroidery! It could use a cleaning and on the left sleeve the dye from the yarn has bled slightly. No holes though. Price reflects issues.
Shoulder to shoulder-15
Sleeve length-22.5

Picture of where the dye bled. 

Great design!

This is another dress that I wish fit. Its a green, black and white abstract print cotton day dress. I love the big buttons. There is some slight fading on the bust. Probably from the sun. Its not that noticeable though because of the print.

A picture of the fading.

There is also a small tear in the back of the skirt. It would be an easy mend.

1940s R&K Originals rayon dress. Its navy with yellow and white flowers, ruched sleeves and printed collar. There are a couple little holes in the dress. Nothing major. Side zipper.

The big collar.

Ruched sleeve detail.

1930s peach chiffon blouse. This blouse is gorgeous and in perfect condition! Theres a loose bow on the bust, ruched sleeves, and buttons up the back. Its stunning!! It is meant to fit a bit loose, and I have seen pictures of blouses like this worn with a belt.
Shoulder to shoulder-16

A couple loose threads on the hem, but no stains, rips or holes. Its perfect!

Ruched sleeves.

It buttons up the back with two snaps on the neck.

It reminds me of this crocheted number. 

Talbots green wool 40s style a-line skirt. Its just too big in the waist for me. 
Waist-13.5 laying flat.

Alright guys. I wasn't sure I wanted to sell these but the truth is they just don't fit me. They are true Art Deco beauties from the 20s or 30s. Velvet interior and beaded exterior. They are in near perfect condition! No missing beads, no tears, and the sole is still good. They are very wearable and will be great for an Art Deco loving gal.
Insole-9.25/Probably a size 6.5.
I will take offers on these, as I really don't know what they are worth. I have never seen anything like them before and I want them to go to a good home. So if you are interested, make an offer!!


  1. Oooh I'm interested in the green skirt....I will send you an email now! :)

  2. Sounds good. Include where you live so I can figure out shipping.


  3. oh, i love the second dress ... it would still fit ... how much is shipping to germany?

  4. Wardrobe Experience-First Class to Germany will be about $11. Priority will be $17.

  5. Is there any stretch on the green. Could a 38 bust pull it off?

  6. Do you mean the green and black dress? If so, I will double check the measurements after work and let you know for sure!

  7. So the green and black dress has a max bust of 18 inches laying flat, so thats 36 inches. I don't think it'll go any bigger.

  8. Bummer. Thanks for double checking!

  9. Hi! I am interested in the black/green dress, but I was wondering about how much shipping would be to Sweden?

    1. Shipping to Sweden would be $16.95 in a Flat Rate envelope.

  10. Do you still have the R&K Originals dress? If so, where are the little holes you've described located?



    1. Hi, there is one tear on the back of the skirt. It really just needs to be mended with a piece of black fabric. Its not a hole really, just a tear and its about an inch big. I can ad a picture of it tonight when I get home, but it'll be leter tonight.

  11. Hello Temperamental broad, Do you still have the vintage Mexican tourist jacket for sale at $39.00?
    Would be able to email to me a closeup photo of the weave pattern as I am looking for something specific.
    Here in San Diego.
    Best regards.


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