Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recent Purchases

And by "recent" I mean "everything I have bought over the last couple of months". I have started a new job recently and am trying to save money for a car, so I am trying really hard to not buy anything. This is really hard though as shopping is one of my favorite activities. I haven't spent a ton of money over the past couple months, but I did manage to pick up a few things.

This is a mineral powder from Physicians Formula. Its like a bronze shimmer powder. It is my first Physicians Formula product and so far I really like it. It gives me a healthy glow.

I needed a few things from Sephora and I have been saving my VIB points and was about 25 away from 500. When you reach 500 you get a deluxe sample set for free. The one they had in stores sucked so I ordered it online instead. I had to spend $50 to get free shipping but I got a bunch of other free goodies too!

Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder.
This is my favorite face powder. It leaves my skin looking flawless!

First Aid Beauty Shave Cream
I LOVE this shaving cream! I have dry skin and get bad razor burn. When I use this it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Tarte Serum Sample Set
I bought this to reach $50. I always like trying new primers so figured why not.

Benefit mini Dandelion blush and lip gloss.
Dandelion is one of my favorite Benefit products so of course I wanted to try the new gloss. And a mini blush too?? For free??? Hell yes!

This was my free gift for reaching 500 VIB points. Its a Korres skincare set. I'll try and remember to review later.

I also bought a bunch of stuff at Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. I got 5 lotions and 2 hand soaps for $25. I always stock up during their sales!

Next are some clothes I got. I got the first two in LA after Dollies wedding.

60s Lanz sundress
I don't buy many 60s items, but I thought this was cute and it fit me perfectly. It has little apples all over it :-)

I like the open back.

White sailor shorts. 
These are from the 70s I think, but they look right out of the 40s. I am now on the hunt for a black pair of sailor shorts.

This last item I found at a thrift store near my new job. It was shoved in a rack of clothes and I spotted it as I was leaving. 

Black gauzy peasant blouse.
Its not vintage at all but it looks it. It has a great cut and is a great material. I love it!

I really wanted a black one and now I do :-)


  1. It will be interesting to see if you like the Korres skincare line. I was just reading in this month's Elle magazine that Korres is like a national treasure in Greece, where the company started.
    I love your LA scores...that dress is so cute!
    I have to tell you, I used to own that exact peasant shirt. Well, not that *exact* one, but you know what I mean ;-) I remember buying it, new...I want to say it was a Pier One, back when they sold clothes for a while. I absolutely loved it and wore it until it completely fell apart. I love seeing it again!

    1. How funny! I was wondering who made them as it is the second one like it I have found at a thrift store. They are very vintage looking.

      I've been using the Korres stuff for a bit so far. I like some of it, and some of it can live without. We'll see as time goes by though.


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