Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Do You Want From Me????


Hey guys! So I've had my blog for about 2 years now and I've been thinking lately about things I can do to make it better. I figured the best way to figure that out would be to ask you guys. So, please take a moment to leave me a comment or two with some blog advice.

1-What do I currently blog about about that you like? Dislike?

2-What do you guys think I can do to make it better?

3-What kind of posts do you want to see from me? You can be specific. I'm making a list!!

Any advice is welcome but, of course, do be constructive. I think most bloggers hit a wall eventually and don't know how to continue. We all fall back on outfit and shopping posts, which I like, but a blog should have more substance, right? Should I be more personal? Do more product reviews? I know I've gotten lazy with my picture taking and am trying to get back into that. I want my blog to gain more readers and be successful. But I don't want it become cookie cutter or be afraid to speak my mind. If anything I want to speak my mind more! Lol!

Thank you in advance for any comments left :-)


  1. Hey Holly! I like seeing your posts about events you go to. I also like your posts close to Halloween about haunted places. If possible, you should make some video tutorials. You always look fabulous! ;)

  2. Makeup reviews and events are some of my favorite things but I would like to know more about you or maybe how you've set up your new digs :) I really love your blog and your candor so I'm always just glad to see a new post!

  3. Jana-I definitely want to do more Spookfest posts. As for video posts--Fernando has a video camera that I want to play around with. I'm not very skilled in videography though so I'd have to test it out though.

    Anon-I have a list of makeup reviews to do. Havent done any home posts because we don't know how long we will be here. I'm still living out of boxes for the most part. If that changes I will do some posts though.

  4. A few of my fave bloggers have recently abandoned, or are about to abaondon their blogs - eek! I think in general, people take blogging too seriously (and try and "keep up with the Jones'"). IMO,it should be for fun, and whatever YOU feel like posting. People shouldn't get too bothered about pleasing the masses, or quit when they don't get comments. I know I just blog about where I've been, new products I've made, outfit posts, sewing and thrift and vintage finds - stuff that I do and I'm interested in, and if people don't like it, well no big deal! I know my parents and sisters always read and enjoy it so I always have at least 4 readers, lol!
    I have always enjoyed reading your blog because I like that you have a mix of all sorts of things - outfits, places, finds/buys, spooky tales, shows and product reviews/how toos. Keep doing what you do! :)

  5. Reviews!! Whether they be for make-up, bands, places...anything! And please, blog more often. :)

  6. I really like when you post your vintage inspired finds from cheaper stores. I have actually ordered a few of the shirts/sweaters you have posted from forever 21 because they are so cute!

  7. i want to hear about and see places you go. like... do you have favorite vintage stores? what shows are you attending? what else are you doing for fun?

    also, and more than anything else... i love to see inside people's homes! i love to see how people bring their retro/vintage aesthetic into their interior decorating!

  8. I love your post on vintage finds, both clothes, dresses, decor, jewelry, purses, interior design, etc. And the stores where you buy your vintage clothes, especially if its a online store :-) I love seing pictures of how you mix your clothes, air, makeup and accessories, and your thoughts on any vintage trend. It inspires me, since I only wear 50s dresses myself.

  9. ...and it should have said "hair". Not "air" :-)

  10. At the risk of boring you let me say, I enjoyed everything about your blog so far. Vintage finds, combining new and vintage clothes, hair dos and the cosmetic product reviews. You inspire me and I wanna say thank you! BTW you look so happy in your last posts...

  11. All the feedback is helping me a lot! Keep it coming!

    I have a lot of down time next week and will be working on blog posts and putting new stuff in my Etsy more. So keep an eye out for both!

    And thanks for all the sweet words everyone. I am really happy, aside from a crappy job that is. Its nice to hear that people appreciate my little blog here and work hard to post more :-)

  12. I love all they stuff you post! i would love hair tutorials because your hair always look so cute and polished!

  13. I have to say, I totally agree with Dolly Cool Clare. This is your blog, I think you should blog about what you want to blog about! I think you're doing a great job already! I look forward to taking a peek at all of your fantastic vintage finds!

  14. Hi Holly!
    First, I have to tell you that yours is one of the first vintage blogs I started reading and is still my favorite! You were a big inspiration for me starting my own blog :-)
    My favorite posts were the ones with a Halloween theme/spooky haunted things, and your Viva posts. I would love to see more makeup & beauty stuff & tutorials, because your makeup and hair always look gorgeous. Basically, you're doing it right by me! Just keep doing what you do :-)
    Also, vintage stores & places around San Diego would be fun, too.

  15. Thanks so much ladies!! All the feedback is really helping me out. Its giving me tons of ideas!!


I love reading your wonderful comments and opinions!! Feel free to ask questions and I will happily answer them as fast as I can! Any negative comments will be deleted.

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