Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Updated Skincare Routine

I've had quite a few questions about my skincare routine. I posted my previous one here and since that time I have changed it quite a bit. Its not that I was unhappy with what I was using, but working in cosmetics again has allowed me to try some new products. Plus, I think it is important to update it every now and then depending on  your skins needs.

My Skin

I have combination skin. It is dry with an oily T-zone (forehead mostly). My skincare concerns are mostly dryness and aging (I am 34). I also battle slightly with acne, mostly on my forehead, and clogged pores on my nose. The skincare products I use have to balance all of my concerns so I sometimes alternate certain ones. I try to steer clear of chemical rich anti aging products, because of the bad experience I had with Osmotics. I try to seek out more natural methods first, with maybe 1 or 2 anti aging products thrown in. I am also trying to get better at using a daily SPF on my face and body.

My Regimen

I want to state here how important I believe a skincare regimen is. I do not ever go to sleep in my makeup. Ever! I always make sure to wash my face and do my regimen, morning and night, taking that extra time to focus on me. The products may change slightly but my routine does not. I feel that is an important part to having nice, long lasting skin. 

Washing My Face
The biggest change came here. I won Macy's money at work which allowed me to splurge on something I have wanted for years: a Clarisonic.

I have heard great things about it but could never afford it. With the money I won, plus my discount, I think I paid $50 dollars for it. It comes with a Sensitive brush head but I also bought a Deep Pore one.

I use my Clarisonic about 3 times a week. I love it! I know some people use it every day but for me I feel like that would be too much. I am also of the opinion that you do not want to over exfoliate your skin so I try to give it a break. I mostly use the Sensitive brush head, but will sometimes use the Deep Pore one when I really want to get in deep. Using the Deep Pore head pulls out everything so I don't use it often. It is like getting a facial, pulling out all the impurities in your skin.

What I love about the Clarisonic is that it clears out my clogged pores. I no longer have to use the Biore Pore Strips that I used to use once a week, or the exfoliating scrub. I also feel like when I do get acne this helps clear it faster. All in all I love my Clarisonic!!

I also bought a new cleanser:

Shiseido has been around since 1897 and IMO, is the best skincare out there. Its quite pricey though, so even with a discount I don't buy it often. I used this cleanser years ago and really loved it so I decided to buy it again. It is really creamy and works great with my Clarisonic, and I also use it alone in between exfoliating. Basically, it cleans my skin without drying it, which is one of my biggest concerns.  

When I want a really deep clean, or am having some acne issues, I still use this:

Its a cream wash so it works well with the Clarisonic. I use it about once a week to combat any acne that may be forming on my skin. This is my favorite acne wash.

Toner/Makeup Remover

I still like the Biore toner I was using, but I have been using a less drying one lately:

I've actually used this toner for years, but alternate with the Biore depending on my skins needs. I like this one because it is all natural and non-drying. I always tone my skin after washing it to clean off any residue that may be left over. This is especially important when I don't use my Clarisonic, as I don't get as much makeup off without it.

Next I use an eye makeup remover:

I have literally used this since I was a teenager. It is for waterproof makeup so it is an oil based eye makeup remover, which is the only thing that will get off my Benefit They're Real mascara. That stuff does not come off otherwise!


I am a firm believer in serums and prepping the skin, especially as we get older. I am not 100% set on a facial serum right now though. I have lots of little samples that I have been testing out but have not settled on one in particular. I will probably repurchase the Olay Regenerating Serum I was using in my previous skincare post, mostly because I have not noticed any difference with the more expensive ones. Either way, I always use a serum! They deliver vitamins and minerals deeper into the skin and it is one of the only anti aging products I use.

Yes people, I still use BioOil

When I am really tired I use this on my eyes. It has caffeine in it which helps with puffiness and dark circles. I use it as a serum, putting an eye cream on top. I used this a lot in Vegas and even used it on Fernando. I really love FAB products because they don't contain parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants. They are also reasonably priced and I use quite a few of their products now. Huge fan!


It is so important to have good moisturizers. A day cream with an SPF, an ultra rich night cream, an eye cream. Do not sleep in an SPF as it can sometimes irritate the skin.

Day cream:

I love Dior products! If I could afford it I would probably own half the stuff they make. I am not rich though, so I could only splurge on one thing so far. This cream is thick and luxurious and really moisturizes my skin. It absorbs nicely and has an SPF 15 so I only use this as a day cream. It is my favorite but I use it sparingly because it is expensive. 

Night cream:

This is another FAB product that I use and love. First off, let me point out that you get 6oz for $28. To put that in perspective, my Dior Hydra cream is 1.7oz for $56. So with FAB products you really get a lot for the price! This cream is really rich and creamy. The consistency reminds me of Noxzema (remember that stuff???), without the smell. I love the way this stuff makes my skin feel, as it really battles dryness. It also does not have any harsh chemicals in it, which I love.

This is another great FAB product I have been using. I use it day and night. It has some anti aging benefits to it, but is basically just an all over good eye cream. It moisturizes and brightens and absorbs well.

Well thats it! That is my skincare routine. It might be slightly complicated but in the end I feel it is worth it. I still believe that you can get good skincare products from the drugstore, and will go back to some of them when money is tight. 

If you guys have any questions regarding my routine, or any of the products I use or don't use, feel free to ask!!

All comments are much appreciated!


  1. This was a very helpful and thorough post... You have beautiful skin so you're definitely doing the right thing! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for posting details on your skincare routine. I am currently in the process of changing both my hair and skin rountines to find a route that works better for me and will be trying several of these products. Here are a couple things I use that I really believe it.
    Villainess mud masks (completely amazing, use once or twice a week to remove dull skin):
    Abbey Brown mud soap (all-natural facial soap):

    1. Thanks! I want to do more reviews on products too. I use or have tried so many and figure I can at least pass along my opinion!


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