Friday, May 18, 2012

Todays Thrifting Finds

Fernando and I found a group of small thrift stores out near his work in Poway today. These are the things I managed to find before they closed (at 4!!).

Modern Hawaiian sun dress. I like the print and its a rayon blend.

I think it will look cute with a big white belt. Or maybe even a brown braided one and my brown ankle tie flat sandals. Fun!!


I also found this brand new Bebe dress. Its cute and has a nice cut to it. 


Fernando would like you all to know that HE found the one and only vintage item I bought today. He made me promise that I would not take the credit for its discovery and I am a woman of my word.

Here it is:

Super pretty pink 60s(?) pullover! Its perfect too. No flaws at all!

I love the tie details and little cutouts. So cute!

Its acrylic, which is good because wool is hot and I live in San Diego. The older cashier ladies were marveling over how small a size Large was back then. They are right, but I am guessing its a junior size large because it fits like a small.

This gem was also $4.00

Not bad for some surprise thrifting finds!!


  1. Such pretty finds! I really like that red and white sundress, it will look fabulous on you!

  2. Hi!
    Cute finds! That little sweater is adorable, and it seems like it would be a really flattering color.
    I just added myself to your "followers" :-)
    Also, I thought you might like to know...i clicked on the tab above for your Etsy shop and it went to a page that said "error"...don't know why, but I thought you might need to know!

  3. Thanks Dina! I think I fixed it now.


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