Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NYX Haul

I stumbled upon a 50% off sale the other day at the mall. It was an accessories store that also sold NYX cosmetics. I am a fan of NYX because it is inexpensive, yet still really good. Just thought I'd show you guys what I got.

Two eye shadow palettes. I went for the more natural shades.

10 Color Eyeshadow Palette/The Runway Collection

3 Color Eyeshadow Palette
TS 15 Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze
They are all really silky and pigmented.

A bunch of nail polishes. I only paint my toes because I am a horrible nail biter, and these are actually really good. I painted my toes a week ago and they still look perfect!

Two lip pencils, Tweezerman tweezers, and a mineral eye shadow.

I got everything for around $30.  


  1. Wow! Score! I have some NYX eyeshadows and I like how richly pigmented they are. I also have a lipgloss, and it's equally dense in pigment, but a little too thick for me...i mix it with a little clear gloss to "water" it down, and it's perfect. I've never tried their nail polish, though...I'll have to try some.

  2. awesome finds! that always feels good <3

  3. I'm going to try NYX now. I only wear neutral eye shadows - I want both of those palettes!

  4. Jenn-I am really impressed with them so far! The large palette is called 04 Catwalk and the small one is TS 15 Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze. I'm gonna update them in the post too.


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