Friday, May 11, 2012

A Night at the Hollywood Roosevelt

Fernando had a show last night with Almon Loos and the Hoop'n'Hollers at the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Built in 1927, it was a favorite of the early Hollywood elite, including Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Rumor has it that their ghosts still wander the halls of this gorgeous hotel (I should do a detailed post for my October Spookfest series, which I promise to bring back for 2012). They were slated to perform in The Spare Room bar, and I was told it was a "fancy affair", so I decided to dust off one of my all time favorite dresses:

Its an animal print halter dress with a full circle skirt and rhinestone bodice. The construction on this dress is amazing, with hidden pockets and zipper and a full lining. No label though :-(

My hair and makeup.

My new bangle from my previous post. Its definitely resin and oh so pretty!

The Hollywood Roosevelt.

Me and Fernando posing on the mezanine.

The gorgeous ceiling in the lobby along with some interesting orbs. Every picture Emily and I took at the Roosevelt is filled with orbs!! Are they the ghosts of old Hollywood?

The boys playing in The Spare Room bar. 

The crowd was bit weird for me. Lots of wannabe Hollywood actor types. Very hipster and very annoying. I definitely prefer the dead Hollywood wannabes over the living ones. 
The Spare Room is really beautiful, and I mistakingly thought it to be an original part of the hotel. Turns out it was designed and opened about 2 years ago. I'd say the designers did a really amazing job!

The 2 lane bowling alley at The Spare Room. It'll cost you a $100 a game to play.

Me and Emily inside the Blossom room. She's an old movie afficianado and she informed me that the very first Academy Awards were held in this very room.

While the band took a break we headed outside to tour the Walk of Fame.

Wonder if we'll ever find out the truth behind her death???

YES!!! David Hasselhoff!!! My childhood crush from Knight Rider :-)

Do you ever just stop in the middle of the day and think to yourself, "Patrick Swayze is dead". I do, and it always makes me sad.

All in all it was a really fun night and I enjoyed looking around the old hotel. I did not see any ghosts and did not see Marilyn's famous mirror, but plan on going back in the future to check it out more. If you are ever in Hollywood you should definitely go see it. 


  1. Love that dress! The print is beyond gorgeous! Your hair is always perfection!!!

    I adore the vintage hotel pics! How cool that you were able to experience such a place of history! The hotel itself looks so beautiful! Great pics of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars!! I, too, get sad whenever I am reminded Patrick Swayze is gone. I still love "Red Dawn," "Dirty Dancing," "Ghost," and yes, I admit it, "Roadhouse!" (lol)

  2. Thanks! Its definitely one of my favorite dresses. I bought it at least 10 years ago too. It was fun to check out the old hotel and the Walk of Fame. My first time really doing that in Hollywood. We need to go back!

  3. Lovely building and loving that dress....exciting to hear the spook fest will back for 2012! :)

  4. You have always reminded me of Natalie Wood. I love the photos--great dress!

  5. Love of the Hunt-Really??? I've never heard that one before. I'm so flattered! Thank you!

  6. Oh how fun! You look so beautiful. My husband and I actually stayed at that hotel this past january for our honeymoon, it was so fun!


  7. your outfit is simply gorgeous, one of the best I've ever seen. I want that dress too!!!

  8. Wow, your face is just gorgeous! Your skincare regime is working wonders, either that or you have awesome foundation! And I am loving your eyebrows too. Do you still follow the same skincare routine that you posted about before? I am curious, your face is just flawless!

  9. BakeliteBebe-I've actually switched it up quite a bit. Using new foundation too. I am working on an updated blog post for both. Thanks for noticing!!!


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