Monday, May 21, 2012

Mad Music Monday-The Bellfuries vs JD McPherson

Your Love (All I'm Missing)
Originally done by The Bellfuries, one of my all time favorites btw!

Now the same song done by one of my new favorites, JD McPherson:

Both versions are so good! I got to see both bands play at VLV 15 and they were both amazing. I will admit though, that The Bellfuries were extra special for me. I have listened to their album, Just Plain Lonesome, more times than I can count. Them and Go Cat Go will always be two of my favorite 90s era Rockabilly bands.


  1. It's a toughie...I didn't think it was possible, but I think I love both versions equally! I've seen J.D. McPherson a few times recently, but not the Bellfuries, so I am extra super crazy excited to see them play at the Rhythm Riot in November!!!!!! :)

  2. They are soooo good live! Sound just like they do on their albums. I need to see JD again, as I was in the back of the ballroom at Viva and didnt get the full experience.

  3. Holly, you and I have the same taste in music. Belfuries and Go Cat Go are also two of my favorite bands!


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