Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had read about these sites that send you cosmetics samples and was curious about them. I signed up for Birchbox because it is only $10 a month and no membership. I finally got it today and thought I would review it here for you guys.

This is what the packaging looks like. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

The interior. The cards are all Gossip Girl themed.

A Fresh Sugar sample.

Its like a lip treatment. I already have this though, as I got it as my free birthday gift from Sephora. Its nice but it melts easily.

A sample of Dr Jart BB cream. I really wanted to try this, however the sample is so small that I doubt it will cover my whole face. The size of the packaging led me to believe it to be a deluxe sized sample, however its almost empty.

A mini nail polish. The color is nice.

A fragrance sample. The scent is pretty light, but not one I think I'd wear.

I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed with Birchbox. The samples are tiny and some of them almost empty. I feel that a trip through Nordstroms would get me better samples. And for free!! I guess I thought that there would be deluxe sized samples, and maybe even some full sized products (the picture on the website shows that anyways)  and I didn't get that. Its only $10, but a waste IMO.

Do you guys have any experience with Birchbox or any other sites like it? What are your opinions?


  1. I have read mixed reviews, but now I don't feel so bad about not getting to sign up for this. (they were full & taking no more)

  2. My sister gets those and seems to like them. I have a lot of skin allergies though, so I'm super reluctant to try new products once I find things that work. I personally probably wouldn't sign up for that because I would probably be allergic to most of it

  3. What a disappointment. Ah well, I guess just don't use them again!

  4. My SIL got me a 3 month subscription and I'm kind of meh about it too. The only thing I got so far that looks promising was a pretty color nail polish from that same brand you got, however when I tried it it was the worst consistency I've ever used in a polish! Unwearable, unfortunately.

  5. I wanted to sign up for birch box but they were full & ended up signing up for my glam. I am pretty satisfied with my glam. :) I've received 3 of their bags (which I like cause I can reuse them) & liked all of them.

  6. I haven't decided about Birchbox yet. My SIL also gets one and a few other blogs I read get them - its amazing how different all the boxes can be. I've seen some people get full size things in their boxes and others get barely anything. I've only gotten 2 Birchboxes so far and I haven't been impressed- I'm going to give it another couple months and then decide. :)

  7. I just wanted to say, I got the same Dr. Jart sample in my box (the contents vary from recipient to recipient based on your profile) and I've used it 3 or 4 times so far. Not sure if there's any left in that little tube, but it doesn't take much! It can be hit-and-miss from month to month, but I usually find some treasure within. They've certainly made me a fan of Zoya nail polish! I agree with Tasha about the ColorClub polish; that stuff is junk.


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