Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas-Purchases

I did not buy a lot at Viva this year. Partly because I knew I would have to buy a new camera, and partly because a lot of what I saw and liked was quite pricey. I did manage to walk away with a few goodies though.

Another bottle of Layrite Grooming Spray. This stuff is great as a setting spray and doing rolls.

Flower barrettes. The white one is my new favorite but I need to add some glitter glue to make it really nice.
$5 each

40s/50s plaid dress. Marked $85 but I got it for $42

It has one hip pocket detail that I think is really cute.

I got this gingham dress for $42 as well, marked down from $85. I needed a new one.

I did not purchase this dress for myself but I was going to. I tried it on and Fernando talked me out of it. Then he snuck back and bought it for me. Such a sweetie :-)
Its a 50s Tea Timer. I love these!

Originally they were sold with capris that you would wear under them. This one is missing its capris, as they usually are. Its ok though. I will just get some black leggings.


  1. I love the dresses. I'd love to find a cute sundress. I used to have a great Chinese inspired dress cut somewhat like that one, but much plainer. Unfortunately, I "outgrew" it :(

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous dresses, you bought well. The only reason I am not completely green with jealousy is the fact there's no way they would have fitted me! lol

  3. There were a lot of amazing items at the vendors this year but my budget would not allow me to splurge. I got the things I wanted to get. One amazing dress and two more casual dresses for under $200. I'm trying to buy more casual pieces that I can wear on a daily basis, instead of always going for the show stoppers that cost an arm and a leg.

  4. Lovely! Sorry to hear about losing your camera...that's a shame.

  5. wow amazing blog u look fabulous and have such beautiful clothes, i love vintage but its always tiny sizes, love from dublin xx leonie

  6. beautiful dresses.love the flowers.I bet the tea timer will be gorgeous with leggings.Love the pattern on it.what a sweet surprise from your man.xx

  7. Viva casualties! Sorry to hear about your camera! I lost a pair of earrings, and my friend broke a heel on my favorite pair of shoes.

    Great scores! The tea timer is fantastic. I'm a sucker for any red Hawaiian :)

  8. The teatimer is great! And all your outfits look lovely. congratulations on sticking to your budget, too - it's easy to go overboard when you're surrounded by so many beautiful things.


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