Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 15-Outfits

So, as you may have read in my previous post, I lost my camera at Viva. I'm quite annoyed with myself over it too because I do not lose things!!! However, I do always lose something at Viva. I've lost 3 pairs of sunglasses, a hat, a purse (it got stolen), and even a car. Next to my car, the camera was the most upsetting. I had lots of pictures of Fernando's band, my friends, and, of course, outfits. I have since bought a new camera but I am sad that I don't have all those pictures to share with you guys. These pictures that I am sharing with you here have all been 'borrowed' from friends and Fernando. I'm sure they won't mind...

Me and Lisa. 

Patrick. That was my 'drink cup' for the weekend.

I had not worn my Fred Perlberg dress in years because it didn't fit. I'm glad that it does again as its one of my favorite pieces. I got it for a steal on Ebay along with another dress I sold long ago. 

Me with my sweetie. 
This is that dress I gave you a teaser of before I left. Its actually a 3 piece outfit: halter, circle skirt, and shawl. I'm seriously thinking about turning the shawl into a bolero though. I really think it would add more to the value of the piece and I'd actually wear it.

Me and Emma

I bought this flower at one of the vendors and it is my new favorite. I wore it all weekend!!

I stole this picture from Kim because I love it. We look all ghostly.

I wore a lot of my halter tops this weekend. I only have a picture of this one though.

Me with the captain. He and Lisa won the couples bathing suit contest. They won a grill.

My sunday outfit with my pink peasant blouse and 50s jeans. 

Me and my bestie Beth. 

So there are the outfit pics that I have. I will have more Viva posts to follow soon, including a summary of the bands and Jive contest.


  1. It was so great to see you again this year, albeit very briefly! You looked amazing, as always!!


  3. Sorry you lost your camera ,great clothing!

  4. The halter and cicle skirt are absolutely amazing!! Sorry that you lost your camera. There are some graqt piccies anyhow :)

  5. I noticed you pass by quickly in that sequined affair you're wearing in the photo with Lisa. It's one of the garments that had me doing a double take at the event this year.

  6. Thanks ladies! That Fred Perlberg number is quite beautiful. I found it on Ebay in a dress lot about 10 years ago and I think I paid $40 for 2 dresses. Definitely a lucky find! Like I said I hadnt been able to zip it up for a while now, so to be able to wear it again had me quite giddy. I noticed though that I need to do some repair work on some of the sequins. They are coming loose. But it is one of those dresses that I will never sell. I love it too much!

  7. You are so damn cute in everything! Drooling over each outfit. I must get out to Viva sometime.

  8. No consolation for a lost camera, but I do have that one picture I took if you'd like it.

    I have yet to load my photographs but will do so this weekend. Feel free to 'borrow' my shot if you please.

  9. So sad about your camera.Your outfits are gorgeous.Beautiful dresses.I am still sulking my husband and I missed it this year.xx

  10. How on earth do you lose a car?

    You and Lisa always dress THE BEST!

  11. Mar-Thanks so much! I will make sure to 'borrow' it :-)

    Little Rascal-My 63 Falcon broke down on the way home and it got towed to a lot somewhere. I never went to retrieve it :-(

  12. wow you have amazing clothes and look fantastic, love your hair and make up, great blog, kisses from dublin xxxx leonie


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