Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recent Purchases

Here are the things I've purchased recently. I went on a bit of a spending spree...

49er Jacket

I really hope this fits me as I didnt do any proper measuring, but I only have one 49er so I took a chance on this one. I really like the color.

Flutter sleeve blouse
Forever 21

Styling is everything, and this blouse looks really cute tucked into my high waist jeans. Its super pretty and flirty.
Vintage corset top

This will look great with skirts. I need more casual separates like this.

Black sheer peasant top

This was a nice surprise at Kmart. Most modern peasant blouses are way too long and this one is a shorter length. Its cute and simple. It comes in pink too.

Vintage floral dress

I'm really excited for this dress! I think it is so pretty! Its casual yet feminine, and will be perfect for summer.

I love the print!!


  1. I found a couple short peasant tops at Forever 21 recently, good for high waisted skirts. They're pretty similar to your Kmart top. I have quite the collection now after several years of searching! I love how girly & cute peasant tops are :)

  2. I bought an adorable cropped,cream cardigan with roses on it at F21 recently, but they forgot to remove the beepy tag so I have yet to go back to get it removed. Haha.

    The floral dress is absolutely gorgeous! Great find at $30!!

  3. I love Forever 21. I always find cute vintage looking blouses and sweaters there. And you cant beat their prices!

  4. wow you got some gorgeous clothes, the flowery dress is so feminine at least you get the weather to wear it rain rain and more rain here in dublin xxx leonie

  5. A 49er jacket for $11.50??
    That's crazy talk! ;-)
    Seriously, what a score.
    Cute finds, all!

  6. I know!! Usually the 49ers go for at least $50, so I definitely lucked out. And it fits me too :-)


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