Monday, April 30, 2012

Booze, Broads and Hot Rods

A few weeks ago I played hooky from work so that I could drive up to San Francisco to go to Booze, Broads and Hot Rods. Fernando plays drums part time for Almon Loos and the Hoop 'n' Hollers and they were one of the scheduled acts. I packed a very small bag and we headed first to LA to pick up Danny and Jesse, the other Hoop 'n' Hollers, before driving on to San Francisco to meet Almon.

The drive to San Francisco is very pretty, even though I only took a few pictures of the snow capped mountains.

See? It snows in California!!

We checked into the hotel and Almon, a barber, gave the boys haircuts. Can't have em looking all scruffy!!

Vintage barber pic.

We headed downstairs so they could play.

I got my new camera the day before so I was still working out the settings.

I don't think e was ready for the pic.

My man.

My dress. I love the pocket. It held my camera, room key, money, and lipstick. 

My bakelite.

With Kim, one of the Bombshells putting on the event. I swear I have a dress similar to hers in my 'to mend' pile. I think its blue though...

Danny, Fernando, and Jesse AKA The Hoop 'n' Hollers.

My San Francisco family. Love Teresa's dress. I wonder if she got it from Relic Vintage, Orans new store.

The show was great! Roddy Jackson was amazing and there were tons of dancers. The only downside is that I got sick. Karma for playing hooky from work, right?


  1. I love, love, love your dress. The colors are divine!

  2. Pockets are essential for going out! :) I love your dress and bakelite collection! So pretty darling! :) Zoë x

  3. I've got to agree with the gals above, the dress and bakelite are stunning!


  4. Well hi there! I've just spent some time looking though your blog and I have to say I think your hair and makeup styling is mind-blowing! Clearly I have a lot to learn. On this particular post, your dress is just gorgeous. I'm a new follower, although Google has been playing games with my profile lately so I may not show up. I promise I am here though!

  5. Love that dress! And how fab that is has pockets! I like carrying a vintage bag at events but sometimes a pocket is so much easier and convenient! As always your look and bakelite are AMAZING!


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