Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent Purchases

My recent purchases:

Yellow Atomic print sundress

I bought this off of Etsy on a whim. I figured it was repro, but now that I got it I am not sure. It has a metal zipper so I'm thrown off a bit. Its really cute, but I need to replace the rope ties on the straps. They are ugly. And it looks better with a black belt.

Close up of the print.

Deadstock side zip jeans.
Swellegent Vintage.

Obviously this is not the actual picture. I will take a picture when I am wearing them as they don't look like much on a hanger. I desperately needed some new jeans, so Fernando bought me a vintage pair for my birthday. They are super cute and comfy!!

Deadstock black capri pants.
Swellegent vintage.

These were another necessity I had been looking for. I have so many cute vintage halter tops that these will look cute with, and they will be perfect for summer.

Wool cropped jacket.
Antique store in Orange.

Its trimmed in rabbit fur and it fits me perfectly!!

Rust red Bakelite hoops.
Swellegent vintage.

Bakelite. Nuff said.

Carved bangle.
Antique store in Orange.

I believe this is a bakelite resin or end of day piece. I'm really not sure. The carving is really pretty (pic doesnt do it justice) and its quite heavy with no seams. Definitely not lucite or celluloid. What are your opinions, readers?? Bakelite or fakelite?? Either way, I think its pretty and has the bakelite 'look', and at $16 thats all I care about.


This is a sneak peek of something I got in Long Beach at Meows vintage. It will be unveiled at Viva, so for now this is all you get!


  1. I have that atomic ship in the bottle dress! I got it at a car show here for $60. I also was wondering if it was vintage or not. Mine doesnt have that under lining though, hum. Are you bring it to VLV? Im wearing mine Friday.

  2. LOVE those purchases! That carved bangle looks fab! But to know for sure if it's bakelite, just do a friction test or run it under hot water. If you smell that distinctive bakelite scent, it's the real deal! Bakelite or not, it's so pretty! As for the gorgeous mystery fabric with the astrological print, I cannot wait to see it in person at Viva!

  3. Dollie-I'm not taking mine to Viva. I gotta fix the weird strappy things. I'm assuming its repro or homemade, but I'm not sure. I just liked the print!!

  4. oh, i love astrology! i hope i run into you at viva so i can see it in real life!

  5. That dress is HOT! The model is rather fab, too.

  6. I love that dress gorgeous, also love the teaser at the bottom, will have to wait for your VLV pictures!

  7. Ooh, I like anything in yellow, and I love the zodiac print! I saw a dress on ebay with the same print a bit ago. Could it be...?

  8. That zodiac print is so cute...I can't wait to see what it is. Looking forward to seeing the after-vlv pix! I thought I was going and now it looks like I'm not :-((
    so I'll have to live vicariously through everyone's after pictures!


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