Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Bakelite

I've seen a lot of posts lately of peoples bakelite collections and I decided to jump on that bandwagon. Here is my collection, along with some of my favorites.

Bakelite and a lady head vase.

Most of my collection of bangles. I have plain ones and spacers in the back row.

Earrings. I definitely wear the dark green half hoops the most.

A matching trio I got in Kansas City for a steal!!

My orange kissing fish bangle that I don't wear nearly enough.

Blue!! I need more...

My biggest carved piece, a fused one, and prystal.

The one that started it all. A small yellow carved piece given to me by my friend Asia about 10 years ago.

And on a completely different note...a picture of my ballerina scarf as requested by Monrou.


  1. Absolutely drool-worthy! Are those paint rolls used to store them?

  2. Yeah. The really poufy kind hold them well.

  3. One word....WOW! Look at all those beautiful bangles! Serious Bakelite envy going on here Holly ;)

  4. are soooooooo lucky!

  5. Your collection, by far, blows away the competition ;-)

  6. what a beautiful collection.Such pretty colors.I love bakelite bangles but my wrists are to skinny to wear bangles of any is a beautiful scraf.x

  7. Vintage Kitten-I have teeny wrists and even smaller hands. I use child sized bangles to anchor the larger ones on my wrist. I have a few large pieces that would literally fly off my arm while dancing if I wasnt careful!!

  8. Kim-No, Theresa's collection blows away the competition!! Lol!!

  9. Lady...You have such a gorgeous collection. Some real great pieces :)

  10. What a gorgeous collection! I'm jealous :) (And that scarf is fantastic.)

  11. What an amazing and beautiful collection.

  12. Lovely collection.....Do you normally keep by the window in direct sunlight? I've read somewhere that may not be a good idea?

    1. I've been thinking lately that I need to move it. Its been so hot too and that can't be good for it!

  13. Your collection is beautiful!
    If you want to add to it take a looksee at my eBay shop with over 150 BAKELITE pieces priced starting at $9.99!

    And pass it along ladies! Auctions end Sunday afternoon.


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