Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Channeling Rita

I went to my friend Monica yesterday for a much needed haircut. I realized that in order to get the style I want, I need to go to someone who really understands vintage cuts. Monica lives and breathes vintage so I knew she would be the girl to go to.

We both agreed that what I needed was "The Rita". I enjoyed my short cut from last year, and it worked really great in the winter months for wearing hats, but I feel that a longer style is much more me. Here was our inspiration:

Rita Hayworth.
It doesn't get much sexier than her!!

Heres my version: 

I love the length and the face framing curls! Its not as long as Rita's in that photo, but I think its perfect for me. Plus, I did a wet set so the curls are much tighter. When I do hot rollers it will be much looser.

A better picture of the front. It has lots of layers throughout, so it will be much easier to do rolls and updo's.

Now I just need to pack and I'm ready for Viva!!!


  1. I think it looks darling.


  2. It's gorgeous! Now you have me inspired to get my hair cut! Now to find somebody who understands :) Your hair is just beautiful!!!

  3. Definitely perfect for you! It looks great.
    -Andi x

  4. Looks great! I love the cut and curls!

  5. Envious. Wish I could do that. You look divine.

  6. Wow! Great cut! My stylist has some vintage knowledge but not as much as I'd prefer. I've got to get something like this!

  7. Wow! Excellent choice, I would say, you look amazing! ♥

  8. lucky you your hair does look like ritas its so glamourous, you look fabulous, rita was such a beauty, my father saw her in Dublin in the 1950s and he said she took his breath away, absolutely stunning. kisses from dublin xxxx leonie


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