Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Channeling Rita

I went to my friend Monica yesterday for a much needed haircut. I realized that in order to get the style I want, I need to go to someone who really understands vintage cuts. Monica lives and breathes vintage so I knew she would be the girl to go to.

We both agreed that what I needed was "The Rita". I enjoyed my short cut from last year, and it worked really great in the winter months for wearing hats, but I feel that a longer style is much more me. Here was our inspiration:

Rita Hayworth.
It doesn't get much sexier than her!!

Heres my version: 

I love the length and the face framing curls! Its not as long as Rita's in that photo, but I think its perfect for me. Plus, I did a wet set so the curls are much tighter. When I do hot rollers it will be much looser.

A better picture of the front. It has lots of layers throughout, so it will be much easier to do rolls and updo's.

Now I just need to pack and I'm ready for Viva!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent Purchases

My recent purchases:

Yellow Atomic print sundress

I bought this off of Etsy on a whim. I figured it was repro, but now that I got it I am not sure. It has a metal zipper so I'm thrown off a bit. Its really cute, but I need to replace the rope ties on the straps. They are ugly. And it looks better with a black belt.

Close up of the print.

Deadstock side zip jeans.
Swellegent Vintage.

Obviously this is not the actual picture. I will take a picture when I am wearing them as they don't look like much on a hanger. I desperately needed some new jeans, so Fernando bought me a vintage pair for my birthday. They are super cute and comfy!!

Deadstock black capri pants.
Swellegent vintage.

These were another necessity I had been looking for. I have so many cute vintage halter tops that these will look cute with, and they will be perfect for summer.

Wool cropped jacket.
Antique store in Orange.

Its trimmed in rabbit fur and it fits me perfectly!!

Rust red Bakelite hoops.
Swellegent vintage.

Bakelite. Nuff said.

Carved bangle.
Antique store in Orange.

I believe this is a bakelite resin or end of day piece. I'm really not sure. The carving is really pretty (pic doesnt do it justice) and its quite heavy with no seams. Definitely not lucite or celluloid. What are your opinions, readers?? Bakelite or fakelite?? Either way, I think its pretty and has the bakelite 'look', and at $16 thats all I care about.


This is a sneak peek of something I got in Long Beach at Meows vintage. It will be unveiled at Viva, so for now this is all you get!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Bakelite

I've seen a lot of posts lately of peoples bakelite collections and I decided to jump on that bandwagon. Here is my collection, along with some of my favorites.

Bakelite and a lady head vase.

Most of my collection of bangles. I have plain ones and spacers in the back row.

Earrings. I definitely wear the dark green half hoops the most.

A matching trio I got in Kansas City for a steal!!

My orange kissing fish bangle that I don't wear nearly enough.

Blue!! I need more...

My biggest carved piece, a fused one, and prystal.

The one that started it all. A small yellow carved piece given to me by my friend Asia about 10 years ago.

And on a completely different note...a picture of my ballerina scarf as requested by Monrou.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outfit Post-Peasant Blouse

The weather on sunday was phenomanal so I got a chance to wear my new peasant blouse. We went to a get together at our friend Monicas house, and we sat outside in the sun all afternoon drinking beer and eating carne asada. It was wonderful!!

The blouse is very sheer so I had to wear a tank underneath. My scarf is vintage with ballarinas all over it.

My pink espadrilles from Ann Taylor. A perfect match!!

I kept it casual with my Freddies jeans. I really need a new pair!
 (Excuse my messy kitchen!!)

I also won another blouse from Ebay. I wanted a plain white one and I thought this one was really cute:

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