Thursday, February 16, 2012

VLV Pre Shows

For everyone that is going to Viva Las Vegas this year I wanted to tell you about a really fabulous pre show. Its going to be on Wednesday April 4th at The Orleans and my mans band, Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio, will be playing along with Deke Dickerson and some other great bands and DJ's.

Here is the flier:

I'm really excited for this show because it will be the first year that the pre show will be at the Orleans. It is usually at a different location rather far from the hotel. You would have to take a cab to and from the venue and then pay $15-20 to get in and then money for the end of it all you managed to pay as much to go to the pre show as you did for your ticket to Viva!! Having the pre show at the Orleans is a no brainer IMO, and I'm really positive it will be a new addition to Viva for years to come.

For everyone who has never heard Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio here is a great video that was put together for them:

There will still be the Wild pre show going on at the same time. This show will be at a bar on Fremont street, which is where it was held last year.

For obvious reasons I will be at the show at the Orleans. I am posting both fliers here for you all to decide which one you want to go to. I will not talk shit about these bands or Wild Records (like they are choosing to do) because I think that both shows will be good and will draw different crowds. I have nothing against Wild Records and I really like some of the bands on that lable (if you want to, look back at my Viva posts from previous years to see all the great things I have said about Wild bands). However I think talking smack about bands that aren't on Wild or are playing a competing show is in bad taste and it makes me not want to support Wild Records like I have for many years. However I will leave it all up to you guys to choose which show you want to go to. I know they both will be great!


  1. I have seen them at The Riv a couple of times and they put on a great show. It's a great venue, but a hell of a drive from, well, most of SD. You ladies always look great though, I'd love to see you guys create a local vintage mafia!


  2. Oh one day I will get to go to VLV! I hope you have fun! It looks wonderful! :) x

  3. ticked that I don't get to come in until Friday...THIS is the show I'd go to for sure! Blind Rage and VIolence is one HECK of a great show!! And I like your boyfriend's band too, though I wasnt familiar w/ before now. Other bands are great too, of course...I love Gizelle but this show is the place to be...that's a fact. ;-) *sigh*


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