Tuesday, February 14, 2012

They're Real--A Review

When it comes to mascara I usually just stick with drugstore brands. I have tried a few from MAC and department stores but have never been so impressed with them that I would continually pay $20+ for them. Working at Macy's I now get a discount. I also get to try the mascaras on in the store before purchasing them (with a hygienic, disposable wand of course!). Which is how I tried Benefit's They're Real.

Benefit They're Real

I already own Bad Gal from Benefit and I think its ok. It doesn't go on very easily and can be a bit flaky. But I wanted to try They're Real because it is the number 1 selling mascara right now and every time I would apply it on someone I was impressed with how it looked. So I came in early one morning and tried it on myself, and I have since purchased it.

This is the wand. Its a thick brush with a 'ball' on the end.

What I noticed right away was how easy it is to apply. The ball on the end prevents clumping, which is a problem I have with That Gal. It also really gets in there and gets every single lash. I liked that I didn't have to mess with it too much. It applies very easily.

My lashes without mascara.

My lashes with They're Real.

The whole selling point to They're Real is that it will make you look like you are wearing false lashes. I would say that is pretty true. My lashes look really full and thick, but they also look longer. The ball helps get the corner lashes, which are the hardest ones to get.

The formula is water resistant, flake proof, and smudge proof. It literally lasts all day and it stays put!

One thing I notice is that it drys really hard. It definitely does not feel natural. This does not bother me but it might for some people. Also, it is kind of hard to remove. You will need an oil based eye makeup remover to get it off. Again, this is just fine for me.

I really love this mascara and will repurchase it without complaint. The ease of application is a really strong selling point for me, as I have a tendency to use multiple mascaras to achieve one look. With They're Real I don't have to do that. I love the look I get and the fact that it lasts all day. This is the first department store mascara that I am truly impressed with and believe is worth the money!


  1. Hmmm...I am intrigued! I'm like you, I pretty much always use drug store brands (lately I've been using Maybelline's The Falsies), but this one looks so good on your lashes! Maybe I'll give it a try.

  2. Thanks for the this review! I'm also never so impressed with mascara that I would pay a lot, but this does look good on you, in fact I may purchase it, if it's actually for sale in the UK!

  3. Thanks for this review, I try a different mascara every time and am never quite happy, this one looks really good.

  4. My Mum works for Lancome, so I get a lot of stuff, and sometimes (like with the recent doll eyes mascara) I gave ot to a friend and purchased a Maybelline for myself. $ does not equal awesome as far as I am concenred. I'll give the benefit one a bash. I am always on the lookout for a new awesome product. :)

  5. I have been wanting to try this mascara after a few sales associates in my local Sephora were raving about it! I use MAC's Opulash and so far it's great when it comes to lasting all day. The curl factor is non-existent though. I need a mascara that can survive my greasy skin! I will be sure to give this one a try when my MAC runs out!

  6. Love this post.I have always used maybellines black the one in the pink tube with green cap.lol.I always loved it but now it seems like it barely applies.I have swtched to another one and that didn't work well either.This review gives me some hope.

  7. WOW! The before and after is a great selling point...gotta say. ;)

  8. It's amazing. No doubt, it will be my next Benefit baby! :)

    Lorena Be-Bop



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