Monday, February 13, 2012

Peasant Blouses

Fernando and I went to the Rose Bowl flea market yesterday. I was hoping to walk out of there with some really great deals, but I didn't. There really wasn't a lot of actual vintage clothing and what there was, was overpriced or not really my style. I also felt like most of the vendors were rude and not willing to negotiate and I refuse to buy from people like that. So I didn't buy anything. Fernando got a  new foot pedal for his drums though and a great pair of blue flecked pants that I picked out for him, so the trip wasn't a complete waste.

Even though I didn't buy anything I was inspired by something. Or rather, I was re-inspired. I saw quite a few vintage peasant blouses there that caught my eye and reminded me that I wanted to get some. I have one but it isn't vintage:

Vintage ones tend to be a bit pricey, usually $100 to $150. I just do not have that kind of money right now so I have been looking for a nice non-vintage option. I found this :


Its a shorter length and is made of that nice gauzy material that I prefer. Plus its pink! I think it will be a nice addition to my closet. One day I will spring for a true vintage piece, but for now I will just have to fake it.

Here are some peasant blouse inspirations:

And here are some vintage ones on Etsy right now:


  1. Oh, your pink one is FANTASTIC! See here is the thing - WHY would anyone pay $150 for something they could get for $25 which is just as nice. I spend a lot of time yelling at ebay and etsy "$150 - you're DREAMIN'!" No one would ever know if it is true vintage or not - it is all in the styling, and you ALWAYS look great! x

    PS Nothing more heart-breaking than hoping for a big vintage haul and coming back with nothing. Don't worry, the universe is saving it for you and will give you a surprise vintage find soon.

    Also my friend says "You have to give some away to get some back" so if I haven't got any good thrifts for a while, I have a clean out to increase my thrift karma.:D

  2. I'm excited for the pink one. I always like to get vintage for most things, but these are just way too pricey for me. The real ones are extremely gorgeous. They have a real delicate quality to them that modern ones just dont have. But I'm sure I will get one someday!

    As for cleaning things out--I only ever sell things out of my personal collection if I know I will never wear it, or if its just too big/small/uncomfortable. Going to the Rose Bowl for the first time in about 10 years proves to me that vintage will only be available for so long. Its just all getting bought up and shipped overseas, or is stowed away in peoples closets. Its getting really hard to find. Therefore I will hold onto what I have, because I know I will probably never find anything like them again!!

  3. Check Forever 21 this spring & summer. I found quite a few last year and I also found them at places like Ross last summer. :)

  4. I've been to the rose bowl flea market and I thought the same thing you did. There wasn't much I would buy or it was way out of my price range. Your peasant blouse is vary cute by the way =)

  5. How cute! I got a lovely coral colored one at Khol's last summer and I love it. I'm definitely going to be on the look out for more this summer.

  6. So sad the Rose Bowl has gone this way, it's been a few years since I've been and it's the one place I dream of going back to, so sad that it is changing :o(

    I think your blouse is lovely. I think vintage clothes are just getting waaaay to expensive, certainly for my current financial state. Things I used to buy for £30 are now being sold for £150!

  7. I went to a few flea markets in Florida last year when we came for our holiday, but they were not at all what I was expecting! This whole HUGE barn was full of stalls sellling, er crap! And I bought nothing :( I was expecting them to be real treasure troves! Luckily we scored much better in the many thrift stores and antique malls we visited :) Just goes to show that Vintage is getting harder to find everywhere and you really have to search high and low for it - or pay a hefty price tag!

  8. I went to the Rose Bowl about 10 years ago and got all kinds of great things for not a lot of money. There was great vintage at almost every stall. Its not like that now. Now its mostly 70s and 80s crap with maybe a few 50s mixed in. I was disappointed. I did hear from a few people thogh that the Long Beach flea market is really good so we're going to try that next time.

  9. I can't believe how expensive those blouses on Etsy are...I just don't understand why some vendors price like that! All I can figure is that they really don't want to sell the items or maybe they have some secret big-spender buyers in Japan or something. I truly mystifies me!
    I was thinking of going to the Rose Bowl soon, but now maybe I'll save myself the drive. Sad to hear...
    I went to the Long Beach Flea last September and there were hardly any good clothes. Lots of awesome furniture, though!

  10. Holy crap I saw you!!! Well I had recognized your husband then I saw you rambling through some clothes. I wanted to say hi but you seemed displeased and now I know why haha. The rose bowl used to be a lot better. I used to go all the time but not so much lately since money is tight. And talk about expensive!! :( I have only been to the long beach one once and I thought it was ok. Been meaning to go again. oh and if you do decide to go to long beach I recommend going to this : Haven't been there in awhile also. Cute stores. :D well have a great day!


  11. Now that you are in CA you will need to plan a weekend to come up to the SF Bay Area...make it around the 1st Sunday of the month and be sure to check out the Alameda Antique Faire. Over 500 vendors....1/3 of that I swear sells insanely cheap vintage clothes. You would have a field day!

  12. Aileen-Yeah, I was pretty bummed that I didnt find anything. And after running into some rude vendors I was ready to go! We're gonna try Long Beach next time. I need to get back to all the vintage shops over there too!

    LOTH-I think I went to that once. Is it near San Jose? I went there and an Art Deco fair. Got a ton of great things at the flea market! We want to get out there again sometime to visit some friends too.

  13. I really love your blog!

    Could you please show us a picture of the scarf that you got in your hair?

    Love, Monrou.

  14. There really wasn't a lot of actual vintage clothing and what Jumpsuits For Women


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