Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forever Vintage

I don't know about you guys but I have had the hardest time finding vintage lately!!! Theres cute things on Etsy but the prices are too high for me right now for the most part and Ebay hasn't had much of anything. San Diego is rather picked through when it comes to vintage and there aren't a lot of vintage shops anyways. I know that as summer comes around this will change, so for now I have been seeking out modern clothes with a vintage look. I included some of them in my last post and I recently bought a few more that I wanted to share with you.

These are all from Forever 21. I've said before how much I love this store. I know some people can't stand it because its so huge (the one here is literally the size of a department store) but I love that I can almost always find something cute at a really reasonable price. Right now they have lots of nautical themed items and wide leg pants, so if you are looking for anything like that you should head on over and check it out.

All three things I bought are sweaters. I really like them because they are a shorter length, which will go great with high waist pants.

The first one is a nautical themed sweater. Its got cute capped sleeves and blue piping. I think it will go perfect with my navy sailor pants.

The next two are the same print but in different colors. I couldn't decide which one I preferred so I got both!

I adore the cute little bow print!!

I was excited to find these because I don't have a lot of short sleeved sweaters to wear with jeans. The only problem is that my Freddies are spent!! There are tears in the cuffs and they are faded from the wash, but more than that they have become too big on me! I lost a bit of weight so now they literally hang on me. My birthday is coming up and I have left a not so discreet hint with my boyfriend to get me these:

I asked for a size smaller so hopefully they fit me better.

 This has actually been a bit of a problem for me lately. My clothes dont fit, my hair is too long, I left a lot of important things behind in Denver...etc. I feel out of sorts with my vintage style. This is why I havent done any hair or outfit posts. I think once I get a haircut and some better fitting clothes I will feel better about things. Moving is always hard and it takes time to get settled. Its a work in progress and it is getting better but I still feel frustrated sometimes. Especially when I go to do my hair!! 

Seriously, look at how long my hair is!!! Its out of control!!!

I plan on getting a haircut soon though, so I will show you all the results. I don't think I want to go as short as before though. I may keep it a bit long and just add layers. Besides, I can always cut more off!!



  1. Sorry to hear that, lady! But I understand how you feel. Moving to Arizona has been that way for me. I've been here almost a year now, and it's slowly gotten better. So just give it time!


  2. I feel for you. The Mr and I bought a house in September, but we still don't feel all moved in. One step and one room at a time. Good luck with finding a new hairstylist! I know that it's always a challenge.


  3. I'm right there with you! I got married and moved to a new State last June and I still haven't gotten myself any where close to being together yet! I'm still trying to get settled in and use to my new surroundings while trying to find a decent job.

    Change is exciting but also a lot of work!


  4. So cute! I love the color combo of red, white, and blue, so I love that first shirt. I just made myself a shirt in those colors here:
    I'm going to make a navy skirt to wear with it :)

  5. Yeah, moving is hard! This happened to me when I moved to Denver. It just takes time to be completely comfortable.

  6. Thanks for the hot tip - those Forever 21 tops are amazing. We don't have that store here, but I am going to jump online immediately.


  7. I was just bitching about this earlier this week - there is nothing good to buy on the internet under $300 bucks! :( and I keep searching but nada...

  8. Those Forever 21 sweaters are so cute.

    I love ordering stuff from them, their prices are good and they ship quite fast too.

    Your hair is gorgeously long!

  9. Your hair is crazy long. Having just passed the one year mark in a new city, all I can say is don't beat yourself up. It happens, but slowly

  10. Wow your hair is so long! You are luck, it looks so thick and healthy.
    I agree, I have not been able to find much on etsy at the moment, so I am just saving my money for the stalls at Viva (our first time to the states!).
    Moving is hard- my husband and I have just gone from a whole house to one room at my Dad's place. I have to have my wardrobe in two rooms! Haha, havings lots of things is a blessing and a curse!
    Best of luck with everthing, I'm sure things will settle soon.
    x Molly

  11. Those tops are too cute. I have been in a vintage slump as well, i so understand. I think your hair looks great though! You should try setting it like you did before, just don't style it the same way. Or maybe throw some victory rolls in but keep them a bit flatter to your head because the weight of the curl will be at a lower place. If that makes sense....I love styling hair!

  12. just save your pennies now because spring is the best time of year to buy vintage and its just around the corner!

  13. I've been feeling the same way! I can't afford a lot of the things I like or I don't find things I want. Plus, I've been feeling pulled toward 60s babydoll dresses and long long hair lately! (Back toward them, as I used to sometimes dress like that.) Your hair is so long...I'm actually envious, though I know how difficult it can get to deal with!
    -Andi x

  14. I am going through the same thing.I think it's getting harder to find things cuz alot of movies have all gone into the 1940's and it's become a trend to those who don't appreciate what they are getting into.I'm also finding ebay and etsy pricey.Makes me depressed.Those tops are so cute.I have a few pairs of freddies and mine aren't fitting right either,I wash them in cold and line dry and they still feel shrunk.They have hardly been worn.:(

  15. I wish Forever 21 had plus size clothes! Guess I just need to lose more weight!

  16. BethBird: They do have plus sizes!! Check em out here:

  17. Vintage Kitten: Mine felt tight at first too. They stretch out though. You just have to wear them a bit first.

  18. Thanks! I didn't know - at least I don't think I've seen plus size IN the stores.

  19. Yay! We have Forever 21 in the UK now :))

  20. Do you have the order info for the nautical themed sweater? It is soooo adorable!


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