Monday, January 23, 2012

Best Vintage in America

Found this article on my MSN homepage today and thought I would share it with everyone. Its a list of some of the best vintage stores in America. Its a good article that makes me want to take a serious roadtrip!!!

Check it out here:

La Rosa in San Francisco featuring my friend Oran.


  1. First I just love your blog hun! It's so fun that you posted this! I was just at La Rosa last weekend. I just love that place. Everything there is just gorgeous.

  2. Fun post! It definitely does make you want to plan a road trip, doesn't it? As I was reading along, I was wondering if there was going to be an L.A. store represented and it's interesting that they picked Hidden Treasures...a really fun store, but not my fave in LA (that would be Jet Rag, followed by Playclothes in Burbank). Hidden Treasures is in a crazy funky old house with aquariums and pirate/deep sea stuff all's great fun to dig through, but I've never once found anything to buy. Their prices are a bit high and the stock leans heavily toward the 70's. Anyway, just thought I'd share :-)

  3. Cool!!! i never been to LA before And i seriously need to!!! hahaha!!! Im so use to shopping in the east coast I need to go up west!!! LOL !!! I want to go to those shops asap!!! :D

  4. Great article. Thanks for posting this! I have not been to La Rosa in ages. Definitely time for a visit. Gotten so used to shopping online now since so many places in the bay area have closed over the last 10 years or so :-( Glad they are still open!

  5. Ahh, for some reason, I can't get onto this page, it just keeps going to the local weather?!?!
    We are heading over to SF, LA and Vegas (for Viva) in april and I am trying to find some good shops to look at. If anyone could copy and paste this article to an email and send it to me, I will love you forever!!
    x Molly


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