Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cosmetics Reviews Part 1

For the past few months I've been working in the cosmetics department at Macy's as an on call. I have worked at every counter they have there: Dior, Shiseido, Origins, Lancome, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Benefit. A few weeks ago I was picked up permanently at Benefit. Working at all the different counters has helped me figure out which products I really love, and which ones I can live without. This going to be an ongoing post, as I don't want to overwhelm you. I'll just do a few products at a time.

These first few products are all from Benefit.

I don't usually like buying brand name mascaras because they can be rather expensive and you have to buy a new one every couple of months. Besides, I have lots of drug store mascaras that work great. I got this one in a set though and have been using it consistently for about a month. I really like it so far. It reminds me of Diorshow, with a large, thick brush.  My only complaint is that sometimes it flakes a bit.

We have a new mascara that I have not bought yet called They're Real that I think is better:

Its $22 and is a non smudging, non flaking mascara. Its thickens, volumizes, and lengthens, making your lashes look like falsies. The brush has a little ball on the end that really gets all the lashes covered. Its pretty cool! When I run out of Bad Gal I will purchase this one.

Boi-ing Concealer
I really like this concealer. I was using one from MAC that I thought was too thick around the eyes. This one is a cream to powder finish which goes on great around the eye area. I sell this one a lot because it smoothes and brightens the eye area without creasing.

That Gal is meant to be worn underneath foundation as a primer and a brightener. Honestly, this is one product I'm not really into. As a primer it works fine. My makeup stays put throughout the day. As a brightener though, it really needs to be worn either alone or with a tinted moisturizer to truly work. Once I put on my foundation and powder any brightening effects it may have are now covered. Personally, I prefer my Sephora Smoothing Primer over That Gal. Its only $16 and I still feel it works the best.

Well thats it for now. I will have more later, including non Benefit products. I always love to hear your feedback and questions so feel free to comment!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Best Vintage in America

Found this article on my MSN homepage today and thought I would share it with everyone. Its a list of some of the best vintage stores in America. Its a good article that makes me want to take a serious roadtrip!!!

Check it out here:

La Rosa in San Francisco featuring my friend Oran.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forever Vintage

I don't know about you guys but I have had the hardest time finding vintage lately!!! Theres cute things on Etsy but the prices are too high for me right now for the most part and Ebay hasn't had much of anything. San Diego is rather picked through when it comes to vintage and there aren't a lot of vintage shops anyways. I know that as summer comes around this will change, so for now I have been seeking out modern clothes with a vintage look. I included some of them in my last post and I recently bought a few more that I wanted to share with you.

These are all from Forever 21. I've said before how much I love this store. I know some people can't stand it because its so huge (the one here is literally the size of a department store) but I love that I can almost always find something cute at a really reasonable price. Right now they have lots of nautical themed items and wide leg pants, so if you are looking for anything like that you should head on over and check it out.

All three things I bought are sweaters. I really like them because they are a shorter length, which will go great with high waist pants.

The first one is a nautical themed sweater. Its got cute capped sleeves and blue piping. I think it will go perfect with my navy sailor pants.

The next two are the same print but in different colors. I couldn't decide which one I preferred so I got both!

I adore the cute little bow print!!

I was excited to find these because I don't have a lot of short sleeved sweaters to wear with jeans. The only problem is that my Freddies are spent!! There are tears in the cuffs and they are faded from the wash, but more than that they have become too big on me! I lost a bit of weight so now they literally hang on me. My birthday is coming up and I have left a not so discreet hint with my boyfriend to get me these:

I asked for a size smaller so hopefully they fit me better.

 This has actually been a bit of a problem for me lately. My clothes dont fit, my hair is too long, I left a lot of important things behind in Denver...etc. I feel out of sorts with my vintage style. This is why I havent done any hair or outfit posts. I think once I get a haircut and some better fitting clothes I will feel better about things. Moving is always hard and it takes time to get settled. Its a work in progress and it is getting better but I still feel frustrated sometimes. Especially when I go to do my hair!! 

Seriously, look at how long my hair is!!! Its out of control!!!

I plan on getting a haircut soon though, so I will show you all the results. I don't think I want to go as short as before though. I may keep it a bit long and just add layers. Besides, I can always cut more off!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday Goodies

Hey guys! I hope the holidays were good to you all. I was super busy with work! I've been working in a department store's cosmetics department, so you can imagine how crazy it got! I'm going to do a post about all the cosmetics I've gotten soon, reviews and stuff, but for now I wanted to share all of my recent clothing acquisitions. Not too much is vintage. I seem to be having a hard time finding things that I really want at a price I can afford right now.

This first one is vintage. I had this skirt in my favorites on Etsy for a while. At only $25 I thought it would go fast, but it never did. Its one of my Christmas presents from Fernando.

I love everything about this skirt. Lime green is a favorite color of mine and the pockets are an amazing detail. Plus, it fits me perfectly! I have actually managed to lose a bit of weight, meaning that all the clothes I bought over the past couple years are now too big on me. I'm happy about the weight loss, but not happy about having to get a bunch of my favorite pieces altered now.

The next Christmas present that Fernando got me are a pair of Miss L Fire Orchids.

I have wanted these since they first came out. They are soooooo cute!! Miss L Fire put a lot of their shoes on sale, which is fantastic! However, they are a UK company and I live the US. Meaning, that with the conversion and shipping they were still a little pricey for me right now. Luckily for me though, Asos had one pair of these left, a size 5, and at only $54.54 and free shipping that meant they were destined to be mine!

This is my third pair of Miss L Fire's :-)

This is a vintage hat that I bought on Ebay for $10. Its a coolie hat and is really cute. Its a lot smaller than my black coolie hat, but I think thats a good thing.

I bought these pants at Forever 21 for about $25. They are sailor style and fit really well. High waist and wide legs. They need to be hemmed though. If any of you are looking for pants like this Forever 21 has quite a few styles right now. I may pick some more up.

The next 2 things are sweaters that I got on sale at H&M for $10 each. I thought they both had a real vintage look to them.

This one has cute little gathered sleeves.

This one has a cute green Peter Pan collar:

The buttons go up the back.

Well, thats all of them! I have been horrible about taking outfit photos and really havent been doing much with my hair (its too long) so I apologize for that. Pretty soon here I will be getting ready for Viva again so I will do some posts about that, and I will also do those makeup reviews :-)

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