Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recent Purchases

Just thought I'd share a few of my recent purchases. Haven't bought too much recently as I am still pretty broke, but we went to Phoenix and Albuquerque this past weekend and I got a few things. We were there on a mini tour with Fernando's band Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio. I got to see my  family and friends, which was a lot of fun. We went shopping in Albuquerque and I got most of these at Buffalo Exchange.

The first thing I got is this vintage wool cardigan. It has beading and sequins around the collar.

I always have a hard time finding these in my size so I was happy to find this one. It fits like an extra small.
Buffalo Exchange

I also got this Forever 21 coat. Its a nice fuchsia color and appears brand new.

Buffalo Exchange

Next I got this really beautiful vintage 40s dress. It has a couple light stains on it, but who cares! Its sooo pretty!!

The sleeves are scalloped.
Buffalo Exchange

The last thing I got are these vintage pink fabric earrings. I have them in a few other colors too.
Uneek Treasures

These last 2 things I got a while back. This is a sparkly lucite bracelet I got at a vintage flew market.

This is a sweater from the 70s that looks like its from the 40s or 50s. I think its really cute and it looks great with my Freddies jeans.


So thats everything. I havent had much money to shop with but I really like the few things I got. Everything above totals less than $100. Not bad!!


  1. Great to see you posting! Love those finds, especially the dress with the scalloped sleeves and that divine lucite bracelet!! Hope all is well with you and I hope your had fun on your trips!

  2. great finds, love the pink jumper and the dress.

    xx Rosina Lee

  3. Wonderful finds, I especially like the dress and the bracelet.

  4. Great to see your finds once again miss :) love the lucite bracelet and that dress!!

  5. Cute finds! I never have luck at the BE here, I'm surprised you got such good stuff!
    Sorry I missed you!!! :(:(:(

  6. What lovely cardigans.I love that pink one.I have the same problem finding them in my small size.The lucite braclet and earrings are just to cute.xx

  7. Thanks ladies!

    OG Tara-I usually find at least a couple things at BE whenever I go there. It certainly isnt like it used to be though. Remember that Kamehameha dress I gave you years ago? I got that there. I have tons of amazing things I got from there! It used to be THE place to find vintage in 'burque. Ah, the old days....

  8. Awww, that pink jumper is sooooo sweet! Lovely clothes:)
    Following you now!

  9. The dress with the pink flowers is dreamy!!

  10. I miss reading your posts. I hope california is treating you right! I have just entered the blogging world myself... please have a peek and follow if youd like www.wilydarling.blogspot.com


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