Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I would KILL for this dress!!!! It is sooooooooooo amazing it makes me cry! Its just perfect in every way...


Even I weren't completely broke I wouldn't be able to buy it. At $425 its just way too pricey.

It sure is pretty though!!


  1. That is a wonderful dress. I bought my black velvet Suzy Perette from Mill Street Vintage, only it was an ebay auction. Now she seems to be selling only on etsy. Darn dealers are getting greedy, but at least they have to sit on the stuff for years.

  2. That dress is swell but that pricing is over the top!! This makes Trashy Diva and Whirling Turban seem affordable! lol! I have noticed that several Etsy sellers are getting too big for their boots when it comes to their prices! Right now vintage is big again. Louis Vuitton couture has a few dresses that have 30s styling. Moreover, the head costume designer for Mad Men has a collection with Banana Republic. I was flipping through the latest issue of Vogue yesterday while getting my hair done and I noticed that a lot of the design houses have vintage-inspired items in their fall collections. I guess a lot of the vintage know this and they are going to cash in!

  3. Swoon! It's so amazing. But, wow, yes. Pricey! I'm beginning to wonder how much longer I'll be able to afford wearing vintage the way things are going.
    -Andi x

  4. the price of vintage is getting silly,especially on etsy.I've actually had other etsy sellers message me telling me I'm underselling.Um NO maybe you all are crazy charging $100+ for a no name vintage cotton dress!Part of the FUN of vintage is the price,even if its not found at a thrift or yard sale.Well anyway enough ranting more so on topic it IS a glorious dress!

  5. I too saw this dress on Etsy and would kill for it too, but way too pricey sadly :(

  6. Some prices are just crazy...But one thing is totally confusing- some shops like Mill Street are offering the same dresses on ebay & etsy at the same time..:-(
    Anyway, the dress is stunning!

  7. That's gorgeous! I'm weary of Mill Street and sellers similar to them. They seem to buy their stock on ebay, and resell them on Etsy for much, much more. I have had countless items on my watch list 'magically' appear in her store a bit later. But if it's something you really want, then price doesn't matter. I understand marking it up, but yikes.

    Sorry, couldn't help it!

  8. Ahhh beeeauutiful!! I'll take 2, please. ;)

  9. It's gorgeous... too bad of the price :(.

  10. I love the bolero jacket with the dress!

  11. Actually -- I'm getting kind of weary of people saying something is "too pricey" when they simply mean "I can't afford it".
    There's a difference.
    This is a FANTASTIC dress -- with a desirable label. And it's already SOLD, which means that someone was ok with paying the price.
    Look - I understand that we're now conditioned to want "something for nothing" and want to buy at the cheapest price - but some of us just want to buy what we want WHEN we want it.
    This seller has found her niche - she brings lovely things to a buying audience who are eager for her presentations & offerings. In the process, the sellers before her got their asking price.
    As i see it, ALL of this is good for our economy.
    If you want the cheaper price - you need to do the legwork & be quicker with the trigger finger.
    But I find it disgusting that you would begrudge this seller the right to make a living - all while paying the (not cheap!) asking price of the first seller and providing a valuable service to her own buyer. Remember - that first seller probably bought it at a yard sale for $4!!! HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT? The 2nd seller invested quite a lot of money in that dress - why would you begrudge her a profit?
    It seems more like the problem people have is more about the fact that YOU didn't find it at that cheaper price.
    Please -- the world is tough enough as it is - why tear each other apart over making a living?

  12. Art Deco Dame - you are a fine one to talk! You're trying to sell a Mandalian mesh purse for about 4x the going rate, as your SALE price!! The highest I've seen goes for about $200-300 and yours is $430 marked DOWN FROM IT'S "REGULAR PRICE" of $860!!!! NO Mandalian purses are selling for ANYWHERE near that. Seriously -- the hypocrisy of it all is awful. Can't we all just respect the right of others to make a living?
    As long as the seller aren't lying or cheating others (and there are plenty that do! let's focus on THOSE!!) then I don't see what the problem is? Something is worth whatever someone else will pay - and that's it. We're all just trying to get by, here.
    ps -- no, I'm not the seller in question lol! But ALL our jobs are valuable commodities - I just don't see the point in sabotaging anything that's providing an honest job in the US (or anywhere else, really!). People seem to have a problem with a high price - but fail to realize that as long as someone is happy to pay that price, it's simply NOT out of bounds. The market will correct those that are out of line. Until then - buy what you can afford, or DO THE WORK YOURSELF to find it.
    Ugh. I'm sorry -- but people make me made. Before you value what YOU do so highly - remember that there's someone else in another country who will do it for 1/8th what you're paid - so allow others THEIR right to make a living. With what they're paying for their stock, they're not exactly getting rich! LOL!

  13. Anon-First of all--what the hell are you so mad about??? In my original post and comments I never said anything derogatory about Mill Street. Obviously If I had that kind of money I would gladly have bought that dress. That being said-I agree with my readers that the price of vintage, especially on Etsy, has gotten out of control. I've collected vintage for over 10 years and have always searched for deals and I will continue to do so. The most I've ever paid for an item was $180, which is a lot of money for me. Not to say that I wouldn't pay more if I had the money, but I don't. This dress in question probably is worth the asking price. I never said it wasn't. Its fabulous and I've never seen that print before. Whoever bought it got an amazing piece. Do I think that vintage dealers are getting a bit greedy? Yes. But maybe its because its getting harder to find vintage where they live. I get that. But it doesnt make me feel any better and this is my blog and I can cry about it on here if I want to!!!

    Because I never said anything negative about Mill Street I can only assume that you are angry with my readers. Every single one of them has the right to their own opinion. I agree and disagree with all of them on different levels. I really do not know why you are so upset. This is an old post and obviously the dress sold so whats the big deal??? Most people right now, myself included, are struggling financially. I get irritated when I see simple cotton house dresses or a rather common 49er jacket with outrageous asking prices. Certain items are worth a lot of money, but some simply are not. I would rather search for a deal. I know what I can afford and I will shop accordingly. However, I will never judge someone for buying what they can afford. My friend Tina owns like 10 Whirling Turbans!! Do you think I look down on her??? Hell no~!!! I'm jealous!! I've called dibs when she dies!! (Seriously, we have a pact).

    But really...chill the f!ck out!! This is my blog and I will post whatever the hell I want to post and I will always encourage my readers to comment how they choose (as long as its drama free!!). I have always tried my hardest to not say anything negative on this blog because I have no interest in the drama and I'm pretty annoyed that some "anonymous" whoever-the-hell-you-are decided to rant and rave on MY blog. Talking smack about Art Deco Dame and the way she does business is really hypocritical too. It just makes me assume that you have some vendetta against some of these people. If that is the case why don't you go over to their blogs and say so (not anonymously, of course). Or better yet, start your own blog and rant and rave on there. Bringing your drama to MY blog is really, freaking annoying!!!

    PS--If you would've stated your opinion in a grown up way I would not be so mad. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and on some points I do agree with you. But for the simple fact that you decided to comment anonymously in a very argumentative way really makes me angry. My blog is about stupid shit. Its about clothes and makeup and music and unimportant crap and for you to start drama over such silly things really pisses me off. If this were a political blog I could understand. But its technically a vintage fashion and beauty blog so what are you getting so upset over??? Don't take it all so seriously. This blog is supposed to be fun. A celebration of the things I love with people that love them too. Not a place for anonymous people to bitch about their problems. Start your own blog if thats what you want to do and stay the hell off of mine :-)

    Sincerely-Temperamental Broad


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