Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Not So Recent Purchases and Acquisitions

First, let me apologize for my absense. There have been a lot of changes in my personal life, with a lot more still to come. I try to not get too personal on here so I am keeping it to myself for now, but as things progress I will tell you all more. What I will say is that I am happier than I have been in years, and I'm very excited for whats to come :-)

So, here are a bunch of pictures of things I have bought or acquired in the last 4 or 5 months.

Carved bakelite earrings.
Ebay $10

40s rayon dress. Estae sale in LA.

It has cute little cutouts at the neck.

And petal like scallops on the waist.

This was given to me. Its black and white with rhinestone buttons that I sewed on.

The inside lining is red.

This was a Viva purchase.
40s rayon Cheongsam dress

Its purple and lime green. I couldnt resist!!

Mexican raffia tote.
Estate sale

Another Viva purchase.
Cotton playsuit.

This was a free estate sale find. I wish I would've taken a 'before' picture. It was in such a sad state. Holes and tears all over, missing all its buttons. I figured I'd try to save it since it was such a pretty dress. 

Its crepe and really beautiful. I had to soak it 3 times to get the stains out. Then I had to mend all the tears and hols. Then replace the buttons. Once I was done I put it on and realized that its way too long for me!! So now I have to hem it. 

This is another purchase I made at the estate sale in LA. They're 30s beaded shoes and they are amazing!!! The interior is velvet and all the beads are perfect!

I love them! The only problem is that they are just a tad too big for me. I don't know if I should pad the toe or just sell them.

I love them though!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ebay and Etsy

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I will posting things on Ebay and Etsy over the next few weeks. Here are the links if any of you feel like checking them out:

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